Product Detail



Direct Specification
The ceiling tiles shall be Olympia Micro™ ClimaPlus™ as manufactured by USG Boral and distributed by USG Boral, installed in accordance with manufacturer's written instructions to ensure provision of full product and installation warranty to Principal/Building Owner


Performance Specification

Fit For Purpose:

The ceiling tile shall be compliant with ASTM E1264 Type III-Mineral base with painted finish, Form 2-Pattern CE.

In respect to Light Reflectance, the ceiling tiles shall have been fully tested to ASTM C1477 as having a LR value of 87

In respect to Early fire reaction, the ceiling tiles shall have been fully tested to AS/NZS 3837 as having a classification of Group 1-unsprinklered.

In respect to Early fire reaction, the ceiling tile shall have been fully tested to AS/NZS 1530.3 as having  the results of ignitability index:0, spread of flame index: 0, heat evolved index: 0 and smoke developed index:3.

Green Performance:

The ceiling tiles shall:


a)   Be certified as LEVEL B under a Green Building Council of Australia recognised third party certification system.


b)   Health and Ecotoxicity: Product shall comply with ecospecifier global ESCAP and subject to a risk assessment not contain greater than 0.1% of any compound classified by the IARC as a Class 1, 2, 2A or 2B carcinogen, or classified by EU Directive 2001/59/EC as a Category 1, 2 or 3 Mutagen, or classified by EU Directive 2001/59/EC as a Category 1, 2, 3 or 4 Terratogen.

c)   Social and Environmental Requirements: Product shall demonstrate legal compliance to Australian social and environmental legislation and provide evidence of Compliant Supply Chain and Compliant Environmental Claims (according to ISO 14021).

d)   Durability: Product shall demonstrate compliance with all relevant Fit for Purpose requirements and provide replacement parts for the useful life of the product.

e)   End of Life: Product shall demonstrate design for disassembly capability of a minimum of 90% where supplier shall demonstrate appropriate design for disassembly strategies that ensure products are designed in a way that enable their easy separation into recyclable units to improve end of life recycling (where relevant). Supplier shall provide contractual arrangements with the customer to take products back at the end of the products in-use phase for some form of refurbishment, reuse, or recycling.

f)    VOC's: Product shall be compliant to VOC and TVOC levels in accordance with ASTM D5116 and complies as a minimum with the following TVOC emissions limits:

  1. i.      Total VOC limit 0.5mg/m2/hour
  2. ii.      4-PC (4-Phenylcyclohexene) 0.05mg/m2 per hour.


Product shall not contain any PVC or PVC based compounds.


The manufacturer of the flooring must also be in possession of valid:

a) Quality systems certificate, showing compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

b) Environmental management certificate, showing compliance with ISO 14001:2004.

c) Occupational health and safety management system certificate, showing compliance with ISO 18001:2007.





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