Product Detail


Direct Specification
The concrete shall be Recycled Concrete, as distributed by ResourceCo Pty Ltd of Australia,installed in accordance with manufacturer's written instructions to ensure provision of full product and installation warranty to Principal/Building Owner [strike where not applicable].

Performance Specification


Green Performance:

The concrete shall:

a)   Be Global GreenTagCert™LCARate Gold Certified achieving the GreenTagCert™ EcoPoint score of 0.41 or better.


b)   Greenhouse Gas Impacts: Product shall demonstrate the public reporting of comprehensive product life cycle greenhouse gas footprint based on a per functional unit in accordance with ISO 14064:2006 and/or PAS 0250:2008 with the following performance.

It shall have a GreenTag SAC2 score of less than 0.63


c)   Human Health (Toxicity): Product shall comply with Global GreenTag ESCAP and subject to a risk assessment not contain greater than 0.1% of any compound classified by the IARC as a Class 1, 2, 2A or 2B carcinogen, or classified by EU Directive 2001/59/EC as a Category 1, 2 or 3 Mutagen, or classified by EU Directive 2001/59/EC as a Category 1, 2, 3 or 4 Teratogen.


It shall have a GreenTag SAC3 score of less than 0.10


d)   GreenTag LCA EcoPoints: Product shall have undergone the GreenTag LCARate Certification and achieved GreenTag LCA EcoPOINT score consisting of the weighted results of the Life Cycle Anlysis over the potential life of an eco-preferred building material, compared to a 'Business as Usual' or typical product used within the market, typically over a 60 year cycle of use in a building including maintenance, cleaning and replacement.

It shall have a GreenTag SAC4 score of less than 0.47


e)   Biodiversity - Physical Impacts: Product shall demonstrate public reporting of their physical biodiversity impacts associated with the raw material extraction and manufacturing of the product.

It shall have a GreenTag SAC5 score of less than 0.06


f)    Corporate Social Responsibility: Product shall demonstrate legal compliance to Australian social and environmental legislation, provide evidence of Compliant Supply Chain and Compliant Environmental Claims (according to ISO 14021).

It shall have a GreenTag SAC6 score of less than 0.75




Product shall not contain any PVC or PVC based compounds.

03 00 00 Concrete


031 Concrete