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HyChill – Minus10, Minus 30, Minus30EC, Minus40, Minus50 and Minus60 Hydrocarbon Refrigerants



  • Minus 10 (R600a isobutene)
  • Minus 30 (R600a, R290 blend)
  • Minus 40 (R290 propane)
  • Minus 50 (R290, R170 ethane blend)
  • Minus 60 (R290, R170 blend)


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12 months, starting from the installation date

Expected Life

Around 12 months

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Isobutene, propane, ethane blend.

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Full Description

HyChill manufactures a range of hydrocarbon refrigerants that are designed to be both more efficient and economical than standard methods of refrigeration, ultimately leading to monetary savings and environmental preferability. HyChill claims that their range of products imposes no impact on the ozone layer and compared to other prominent refrigerants available, have minimal global warming potential. Additionally, the company states that HyChill’s hydrocarbon refrigerants perform better in hot and tropical conditions than synthetic refrigerants due to their method of precision blending.

HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants are compliant with a number of national and international standards, such as: ISO 5149, the ISO/IEC 60335 series, BS 4434–1995 as well as AS/NZS 1677, which also covers the professional use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in Australia.

HyChill Minus10 is R600a (isobutane), which is used in modern domestic refrigeration systems. HyChill sold this to Electrolux for the Westinghouse & Kelvinator range of domestic refrigerators.

HyChill Minus30 is a R290/R600a blend, a R436B type replacement for R12 and R134a. This is mainly used in auto air conditioning as a low pressure alternative to R134a.

HyChill Minus30EC is a R436A type lower pressure version of the standard Minus30 for the high ambient 'Extreme Conditions' experience in the mining industry.

HyChill Minus40 is the R290 (propane) refrigerant used in supermarket food and ice cream display cabinets and increasingly in air conditioners and chillers.

HyChill Minus50 is the replacement for R22, R404, R502 and other similar f-gases used in milk vats, cool rooms and air conditioning.

HyChill Minus60 is for low temperature applications yet has a lower pressure than R410A and R32.

Information last verified: 4 March 2020

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Energy Resources

Downstream reduction of energy use

Reduced embodied energy

Resource Depletion

Resource efficiency

Air Pollution

Reduced GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions

Reduced ODS

Habitat & Biodiversity Conservation

Reduced hazardous waste generation

Contributes to biodiversity

Workplace OHS, Occupant Health, Human Wellbeing

Improved indoor environment