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Trade Essentials® White E0 MR MDF is recommended for high humidity applications or areas where accidental wetting may occur. 





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Trade Essentials® White E0 MR MDF

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Trade Essentials® White E0 MR MDF EPD

The product has achieved GreenRate Level A and LCARate Gold Plus, certified under Global GreenTag Standard V3.2


The Laminex Group manufactures MDF from wood chips and fibre sourced from plantations and sawmills carrying Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Sustainable Forest Management Certification and Chain of Custody and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) certification, ensuring that the main raw material for the products is legally sourced and sustainably harvested.

The wood fibre undergoes a quality inspection to ensure consistency before melamine-urea formaldehyde resin is added and the boards are pressed, dried and cut to size. The whole process obtains almost 2/3 of its energy from burning otherwise unusable waste wood fibre, greatly reducing the demand on fossil fuels.

The board is then laminated with melamine formaldehyde impregnated paper, creating a nonporous hard wearing surface that may be used as a pre-finished product or finished with a paint system where required.

Product is packaged in coverboards with PET strapping and transported on pallets that may be recycled.

Trade Essentials® White E0 MR MDF is recommended for high humidity applications or areas where accidental wetting may occur. Product is suitable for interior applications only including kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, laundry cupboards, shelving and wall lining (when used with suitable feature jointing systems).


  • Australian Made
    • Made in Australia from majority Aust. components
  • Biodiversity
    • PEFC/AFS Certified Wood
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • >7 year warranty
    • All marketing environmental claims verified accurate
    • Certified Environmental Management System
    • Complies with Australian law
    • Fit for Purpose certified
  • Health & Ecotoxicity
    • Equivalent to Natural Background Formaldehyde Levels
    • Low Toxicity - No toxicity in use
    • Healthy VOC levels
  • LCA
  • Life Cycle Analysis – Greenhouse Gas
    • 'Net Positive' carbon contributor
    • Carbon footprint available
  • Life Cycle Analysis – Resources
    • Rapidly renewable
  • Life Cycle Analysis – Water
    • Water footprint available 

sustainability criteria satisfied