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Bio Xorel unbacked is a solution dyed woven textile.





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Carnegie Bio Xorel unbacked

The product has achieved GreenRate Level C and LCARate Gold, certified under Global GreenTag Standard V3.2


Bio Xorel unbacked is a solution dyed woven textile.  A variety of design techniques are utilized expanding the range of creative possibilities including jacquard weaving, embossing, embroidery and graphic printing. It has between 60-85% biobased content. The biobased content is from rapidly renewable sugar cane. BioXorel is solution dyed. Bio Xorel can be directly applied as wallcovering, wrapped panel material or as an upholstery solution. The weaving production run under 100% renewable energy. No finishes are added.

Product Achievements

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • ≥7 year warranty
    • All marketing environmental claims verified accurate
    • Building Code of Australia compliant
    • Complies with Australian law
    • Environmental Management System
    • Fit for Purpose certified
  • Health & Ecotoxicity
    • Considered safe to use
    • Equivalent to Natural Background Formaldehyde Levels
    • Healthy Formaldehyde Levels
    • Healthy VOC levels
  • LCA
  • Life Cycle Analysis – Greenhouse Gas
    • 'Low carbon'
    • Carbon footprint available
    • Energy efficient
  • Life Cycle Analysis – Resources
    • Rapidly renewable
  • Life Cycle Analysis – Water
    • Water efficient
    • Water footprint available

More Information:

Certification valid for bioxorel products without paper backing: Strie, Nexus, Dash, Abacus Embroider Artisan Embroider, Topiary, Axis Embroider, Veneer Emboss, Fragment Emboss, Flash Back, Hoop Embroider, Genome Embroider

sustainability criteria satisfied