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Composite Global Solutions - Thermomass® Building Insulation System


Red Light Comments
Composite Global Solutions - Thermomass® Building Insulation System contains a small volume of ingredients that carry R-phrases R21/22 (harmful in contact with eyes / harmful if swallowed). This red light comment has been classified as low risk in accordance with an ecospecifier Risk Assessment. The issue of concern relates to O&HS issues.  OH&S issues should be mitigated through appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to remove the risk of human exposure.

Thermomass® Building Insulation System contains a 5% Copolymer mixture. Resulting from issues relating to trade secrecy within the DOW Chemical Group, while the general compositional information of the Copolymer mixture is available, the exact nature of the compound has yet to be determined. It is ecospecifiers's opinion, in accordance with the ecospecifier Cautionary Assessment Process (ESCAP), should any health risk exist in the copolymer, the risks of human exposure during the in use phase are Low, and the context of application, the use of Thermomass® Building Insulation System posses no significant risks to human wellbeing.

Information last verified on 30th November 2011



Fibreglass, rockwool, cellulose, mineral wool, natural wool, reflective, polyethylene bubble, polyester, polyurethane insulations.


Insulation - thermal

sustainability criteria satisfied

Workplace OHS, Occupant Health, Human Wellbeing

Low/Reduced offgassing

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Air Pollution

Reduced smog-forming potential

Resource Depletion

Resource efficiency

Energy Resources

Downstream reduction of energy use

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