Product Detail

JAVAC Reco GT is a refrigerant leak detection and recovery unit that can recover most CFC, HFC, ammonia (by request) and  HCFC refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration plants. The Reco GT pump down system has been tested in the past and found to have a refrigerant recovery rate of 99.9%. It can be retrofitted to existing systems and allows automatic recovery and isolated containment of refrigerant. It is customisable to consider multiple characteristics of projects such as layout, refrigerant charge and blend, leakage sensitivity, air circulation, number of chillers etcetera.

Recovery and containment of ozone depleting substances where during general operation a plant develops a leak - particularly in large volume equipment is highly desirable from an environmental, commercial and OH&S view point.

The Reco GT units can be customised for applications ranging from small package systems to large multi chiller plants. The unit has the following features:

  • Suited to a range of systems; including air conditioning and commercial refrigeration
  • Internal liquid and vapour pumps
  • Integrated oil separation system
  • Integrated PLC can be customised to user specifications
  • Standard output for BMS operation (modbus RS485 option available)
  • Capable of working with Javac’s  (any) infra red leak detection sensors
  • Discreet input for scale operation to monitor recovered weight
  • Can be operated indoors or out; with a weather proof construction
  • Maximum operating temperature of 40 degrees
  • 110/240 volt single phase power (other on request)
  • 1/2" inlet and 1/2" outlet solder connection
  • Designed to be used with remote containment tanks
  • Reverse refill – easy re charge after system repair

sustainability criteria satisfied