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An extensive range of sealing systems including perimeter frame seals, door bottom seals, disabled access thresholds, brush strip, pile and fringe weather-stripping for all door and window types to contain energy and exclude weather, noise, fire, smoke, insects and vermin.





Greentag Certificate

Door & Window Sealing Systems




Products for all door and window types. Door seal sizes cover all standard door dimensions and each length may be cut down to the next smaller standard length and/or between standard lengths as required.

Range includes:

  • Acoustic door sealing systems that provide a barrier to airborne sound.
  • Fire and smoke sealing systems that meet building regulation levels for fire resistance and can be used in conjunction with fire doors.
  • Weather/Energy sealing systems that prevent draught and rainwater infiltration as well as heat loss and heat gain. Additionally they will stop the ingress of airborne dust, insects, rodents, and windblown embers in bushfire areas.
  • Door bottom seals of two types; mechanically lifting automatic seal and sweep seal. Used in conjunction with a threshold plate.
  • Threshold plate seals independent of door bottom deals.

Door frame or perimeter seals.


Finishes available include:

  • Hard anodized- 15 and 25 microns, anodized finishes include satin silver and medium bronze;
  • Mill- the raw finish of the aluminium; and
  • Colour- Colour finishes are available on special request. Colour matching is also available.

Flexible seal inserts are generally black. The plastic trim covering is available in special request colours.


2 years against defects in workmanship and materials, if installed according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Expected Life

Mechanical seals lab tested to over 2 million cycles. Compression door frame/perimeter seals lab tested to over 10 million cycles. These simulations prove life expectancy of more than 50 years.

Flexible seal inserts will receive wear and are replaceable.

Indicative Costs

Contact supplier; indicative cost less than USD 100.00 per single door opening (perimeter seal and auto door bottom seal). Contact Raven distributor for pricing.

Purchase Options

Purchase only.


Within the various product ranges, all products essentially perform the same function and are made from the same range of materials and components.

Products often consist of two parts; an extruded aluminium carrier and a flexible seal insert. Dependant on the function, the seal inserts can be: solid and closed cell sponge, EPDM (synthetic rubber), flexible PVC, nylon brush filaments, felt, polypropylene pike, silicon rubber or thermos-plastic rubber. Many of the seals also incorporate a cover strip which conceals the fasteners. Fasteners are zinc plated steel, self tapping screws. Some seals consist of solid materials suitable for inserting into rebates.

The materials of different products deviate in mass and volume, however an indication from an example product show constituents as follows.

Constituents of RP78 Si Door Perimeter Seal, percentage by weight (total weight of 0.93kg) of product:

  • Aluminium extrusion: 60%
  • Extruded silicon rubber: 20%
  • Steel mounting screws: 2%
  • Extruded PVC: 10% (decorative cover)
  • Polyester moulding: 2%

General packaging:

  • Packaging polyethylene – low density
  • Packaging cardboard

Clear adhesive tape

Technical Specifications

Please see here

National & International Standards

Raven are quality certified under ISO 9001:2015 and operate to

  • Environmental ISO 14001
  • OH&S AS 4801
  • In Australia, Raven products comply with all National Construction Code

New Zealand NZ BIA and UK building regulations requirements for door & window sealing as specified in the Raven catalogue

Country of Origin

  • Aluminium – China extruded product
  • Silicon rubber – China extruded product
  • Polyester – China moulded product
  • Steel mounting screws – China supplied product
  • PVC decorative cover – China supplied product
  • Products are assembled in China and Australia


Raven Sealing Systems have been chosen for public and commercial buildings as diverse as:

  • Changi Airport, Singapore
  • Sydney Opera House, Australia
  • Parliament House, Australia
  • Shatin Hospital, Hong Kong
  • Royal College of Music, London
  • New Zealand Broadcasting Headquarters, New Zealand
  • Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok
  • Indosiar Visual Mandri Television Studios, Indonesia


The majority of seals are fastened using zinc plated self tapping screws. Fixing holes are usually predrilled and many are slotted to allow the seals to be fitted accurately.



Product Achievements

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Makes building & other systems more efficient

Energy Efficiency- provide sealing against the leakage of heating and air-conditioning energy to allow energy savings

Multiple use product

Weather proofing, Thermal insulation, acoustic barrier, Energy Efficiency





‘Net Positive’ carbon contributor

Maximizing energy efficiencies

Energy Efficient

Reduce energy used from air-conditioning

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Green Star – GBCA


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sustainability criteria satisfied

Workplace OHS, Occupant Health, Human Wellbeing

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Improved indoor environment

Habitat & Biodiversity Conservation

Reduced terrestrial impacts

Reduced aquatic impacts

Air Pollution

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Reduced smog-forming potential

Resource Depletion

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