Product Detail

Micro-Climate®™ Workstation Range is a modular workstation available as a single unit or as a unit of three workstations that revolve around a central trunk which houses the air conditioning duct work. The workstations consist of a height adjustable GreenTag® Level A certified Laminex E0 MDF work surface, an aluminium frame and upholstered E0 MDF divider screens.

The workstation is designed to provide fresh, conditioned air directly to each occupant through air diffusers with horizontal and vertical air flow, creating a "micro-climate" in the immediate area without affecting other occupants. The patented ducting system utilised to duct conditioned air through the workstation is licensed from UCI Task Air. The station features flexible ducts and air diffusers to allow easy adjustment of air volume and direction, as well as an adjustable work surface without compromising air flow.

Key design features include an air relief diffuser in the central column to provide air balance between occupants, convenient disassembly features for relocation, and a high percentage of certified health and environmentally friendly materials.

sustainability criteria satisfied