Product Detail

Pryda offers a wide range of products for designers such as:

  • Truss Systems for Floors and Rafters
  • Roof Trusses and Wall Frames
  • Timber Connectors and Fasteners

Pryda is committed to the use of environmentally sustainable timber, a renewable resource, as one of the most suitable materials for residential and commercial construction.

Pryda's advanced system and technology ensures minimum wastage throughout the entire production process.

Pryda's timber connectors and fasteners are not only suitable for building applications, but also for general industrial use.

The Pryda range includes structural components such as nailplates, metal bracing, lintels, joist hangers, truss boots, tie-down connectors, post anchors, shade cloth and foil fittings, anti-split plates, timber packaging nailplates and a variety of general metal products. Timber fasteners supplied by Pryda include nails, collated nails and fasteners, staples, bolts, set screws and masonry anchors.

These products can be used to connect timber-to-timber and timber-to-concrete.

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