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Instyle LIFE Textiles - Atlas, Source, Classic, Pulse, Tonic, Glide and Edge


Wool has specific environmental concerns, however the impact is minimised by sourcing wool from holistic managed farms and provided the fabric is fully recycled as fabric (and not composted), this investment in resources will be partially off-set by reduced material use in the future. See Glossary for full details.

Red Light Comment:

Fabric is coloured by a wide range of dyes. Instyle fabrics in their purchased form are unlikely to cause any harmful effects.

However, components within the insecticide and dye treatments used during manufacturing may cause harmful and long term effects on the marine environment and have an impact on human health if appropriate precautions are not taken.  Precautions for workers such as reducing exposure to chemicals and using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mitigate potential health issues to low risk in accordance with an ecospecifier Risk Assessment.

Provided that strict safe work practices are implemented and personal protective equipments are used, risks related to dyes should be minimised.


Information last verified on 18/08/2011



Other wool and wool-synthetic blend upholstery textiles.


Fabric, Furniture, Interior & Fitout, Interior Décor; Shop Fittings and Retail; Vertical surfaces; Wall Coverings; Workstations.

sustainability criteria satisfied

Workplace OHS, Occupant Health, Human Wellbeing

Low/Reduced offgassing

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Improved indoor environment

Habitat & Biodiversity Conservation

Reduced terrestrial impacts

Reduced aquatic impacts

Reduced waste generation

Air Pollution

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Reduced smog-forming potential

Reduced GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions

Resource Depletion


Resource efficiency

Extended Producer Responsibility scheme (EPR)

Eco packaging

Uses renewable materials

Uses rapidly renewable material

Uses agricultural by-products

Energy Resources

Reduced embodied energy

Corporate Responsibility

Public CSR/sustainability report

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental policy

Social/environmental enhancement programs

Other Vital Signs

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Quality Management System

Documented manufacturer claims

Expert Assessment