Product Detail

Bondor has a wide range of insulated panels available for installation dependant on the application. For wall and ceiling applications BondorPanel and Equitilt are advised, for roofing applications SolarSpan and Equideck are advised.  Bondor insulated panels come in a variety of COLORBOND® colours, steel skin thickness, EPS core thickness and profiles to provide project specific spans and thermal performance.  For specific information see

BondorPanel is a lightweight, non ozone-depleting structural panel made with an insulating EPS core and strong COLORBOND® facings; it comes in a range of skin thickness and EPS core types with 0.6/0.6mm and SL grade EPS as standard.

Equideck panel is a non ozone-depleting composite sandwich panel made with an EPS core and factory laminated facing sheets of pre-painted COLORBOND® steel. Equideck is a composite roof, insulation and ceiling installed as one.

Equitilt is architectural walling for commercial and industrial applications. Equitilt is non ozone-depleting, delivers outstanding energy efficiency and simplified construction processes in a single, cost-effective solution.

SolarSpan combines roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable, functional and attractive panel. This all-in-one roofing solution offers the potential to create the ideal indoor/outdoor living environment in any climate. SolarSpan features a high tensile COLORBOND® steel exterior, EPS core for insulation in all seasons and a pre-painted COLORBOND® steel underside.

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