Product Detail

Ecoline™ is a world first alternative to conventional off-line chlorine generation systems. It is an in-line chlorination technology with a closed electrolysis process that requires no added chemical. Product functions by deriving the required two active ingredients from natural water or salt water supplies. It requires only water and electricity to power the system.

Ecoline™ does not require any chemical/salt additives for disinfection of water sources. It works on the process of electrolysis by fresh water passing through the cell with a minimum TDS of 50ppm generating the chlorine from the small amounts of natural mineral salts (TDS) already present in natural water, this chlorine is diluted immediately into the passing water, and the cycle continues as a closed process.

Applications include drinking water, food processing plants, swimming pools, agricultural lagoons, recycled water, sewerage and waste water, reverse osmosis/desalination, water features, cooling towers, irrigation water and grey water.


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