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Range of low VOC, homogenous sheet vinyl flooring with a permanent antibacterial surface, containing post consumer recycled glass and post industrial PVC chip. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications.



Altro K30: 3mm thick, homogeneous flooring designed for safety in wet and greasy conditions where frequent spillage is likely. Product has a slip resistance rating of R12.

Altro K20: 2mm thick safety flooring with a slip resistance rating of R11. Ideal for transition areas between R10 and R12 chiller areas and certain food preparation locations.

Altro Walkway VM 20: 2mm homogeneous flooring suitable for a variety of applications where health and safety standards dictate underfoot safety.

Altro Suprema II: 2mm thick, homogeneous safety flooring suitable for a range of high traffic areas including classrooms, cafetarias, and operating and procedure rooms.


See Altro Safety Flooring Range website for available colours for each product.


10 years.

Expected Life

15 years. Life expectancy affected by wear and tear and poor cleaning regimes.

Indicative Costs

Cost of supply: approximately $45 / m2

Cost of supply & installation: approximately $90 /m2

Purchase Options

Contact manufacturer for more information.


PVC, fillers, plasticisers, stabilisers, recycled glass grit, coloured quarts, processing aids*

*exact constituent names, percentages and weights are confidential, but have been confidentially signed and verified by ecospecifier.

Technical Specifications

  • Altro K30: 3.0mm to EN 428, 3.0 mm wear layer to EN 429, nominal weight 3.4Kgm-2 to EN430, roll dimensions: 2m x20m=40m2
  • Altro K20: 2.0mm to EN 428, 2.0 mm wear layer to EN 429, nominal weight 2.4Kgm-2 to EN430, roll dimensions: 2m x20m=40m2
  • Altro Walkway VM20: Thickness 2.0mm to EN 428, mass per unit area, 2.4Kgm-2 to EN 430, roll dimensions: 2m x20m=40m2
  • Altro Suprema II: 2mm to EN 428, 2mm wear layer to EN 429, nominal weight 2.5Kgm-2to EN430, roll dimensions: 2m x20m=40m2

National & International Standards

  • EN ISO:9239 Fire test
  • EN 14041:2004
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 9001:2008

Country of Origin

Product manufactured in the UK with the majority of locally sourced constituents.


  • Gloria Jeans - Nationally
  • Bunnings Hardware - Nationally
  • Boost Juice - Nationally
  • Bakers Delight - Nationally
  • Schools, Retail and Healthcare facilities

For more information on projects utilising Altro Safety Floor Range please click here.


No pre finishing requirements, for installation details see Altro Installation Guidance for Safety Flooring.




Vinyl flooring is plasticised PVC and is a controversial material from a long term eco and health preferable stance. However its durability, long performance life, resilience to moisture and ease of maintenance make it a commonly used product. For example, PVC flooring is often a mandatory in Healthcare applications.




The plasticisers used in the products of Altro Safety Floor Range have been selected due to their reduced environmental and health effects and the product does not contain any phthalate plasticisers.

Flooring contains a small volume of product that is very toxic to marine environments. This issue relates to the manufacturing of the product and will pose no risk when bound into the final product. This ingredient and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste and avoid release to the environment. Ingredient must be disposed of according to local legislation.

Product contains a small quantity of constituents which may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Preventative actions should be taken to eliminate the risk related to handling this constituent. Product should be recycled to prevent leaching of this constituent into environment.


Resilient flooring can reduce foot fall impact loads on joints and reduces long term impact injury and leg joint pain from standing, compared to hard floor surfaces.

Indoor Environment Quality

Altro has independent third party testing for VOC compliance to GreenStar® Indoor Environmental Quality requirements for Flooring.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Not known.


Product has an EasyClean surface which ensures that the product can be cleaned efficiently and suitable for applications where hygienic surfaces are required.


Product facilitates universal access as wheeled traffic is able to easily move over the surface, compared to carpet surfaces where the nap of the carpet makes objects difficult to steer.




Emissions – Chlorine is a key constituent of PVC and the emissions from its production consist of chlorine and hydrogen. Mercury is often used as the catalyst during the production of chlorine from salty brine, resulting in the release of mercury into the atmosphere from some production processes. Provided that state-of-the-art technology is used in the production of PVC, terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric pollution impacts are considered to be low (Source - Life Cycle Assessment of PVC and of principal competing materials, Final Report, commissioned by the European Union, July 2004).The use of post consumer recycled PVC in the Altro Safety Floor Range can assist to reduce these impacts.

The mining and processing of calcium carbonate can produce emissions to land from surface impoundments of liquids, solids, slurries and from storage facilities.

Physical – Physical terrestrial impacts from the processing of extracting calcium carbonate result in the removal and stockpiling of topsoil and sub-soul and from removing overburden and inter-burden, resulting in modified soil profiles, topography and drainage.

Altro Walkway Range also contains post consumer recycled glass grit which reduces impacts associated with the use of virgin materials.


Emissions –Ethylene is produced in the initial production stage of PVC and the emissions to water consist of methanol and butane.

Physical – The petrochemical portion of PVC (ethylene) can potentially result in sea pollution from the extraction of oil. Other aquatic emissions include methanol and butane in the production of ethylene as well as mercury and chlorine in the production of chlorine (Source - Life Cycle Assessment of PVC and of principal competing materials, Final Report, commissioned by the European Union, July 2004).


Greenhouse gas (GHG) – Product utilises virgin PVC which is fabricated from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels generate both atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gasses on combustion. However, the product also utilises post-consumer recycled PVC chip which reduces the impacts associated with the use of virgin PVC.

Greenhouse intensity –

  • Altro K30: 12.026 kgCO2e/m2
  • Altro K20: 8.294 kgCO2e/m2
  • Altro Walkway VM 20: 7.913 kgCO2e/m2
  • Altro Suprema II: 8.232 kgCO2e/m2

Transport intensity Product is manufactured in United Kingdom. GHG intensities for shipping product are shown below. Destination port is Australia.

Greenhouse Intensity for Container Shipping -

  • Altro K30: 0.729 kgCO2e / kg
  • Altro K20: 0.503 kgCO2e / kg
  • Altro Walkway VM 20: 0.48 kgCO2e / kg
  • Altro Suprema II:0.499 kgCO2e / kg

Table below provides land transportation greenhouse intensity figures to help calculate the greenhouse gas intensity of land transportation from shipping port.

Light commercial vehicle

Rigid Truck

Articulated Truck

0.001451kgCO2e /

0.000195kgCO2e /

0.000069kgCO2e /

Transport intensity figures sourced from Australian National Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990, 1995 and 1999 and WWF International, Inland Navigations and Emissions, 2005.

Operational efficiency – The EasyClean surface creates a surface that greatly reduces energy use and the use of chemical cleansers and water in a mechanical maintenance program.

Re-use Efficiency – The product is cannot be re-used and currently recycling facilities have limited commercial capabilities.

Toxics and Pollutants – PVC is highly toxic in small quantities if burnt and is known to generate Hydrochloric acid (HCI) and small amounts of dioxin emissions during combustion. Emissions from ethylene production consist primarily of ethylene and propylene.

Ozone Depletion – Information not available.

Urban Heat Island Effects – Not applicable.

Noise – Information not available.


Petroleum, the primary raw material of PVC, can have significant marine biodiversity impacts in its extraction and potentially catastrophic impacts when spills occur. These impacts are reduced by the use of post consumer recycled PVC chips in the Altro Safety Flooring Range.



Resource Efficiency

PVC is less dependent than other polymers on crude oil or natural gas, which are non-renewable, and hence can be regarded as a natural resource saving plastic, in contrast to plastics such as PE, PP, PET and PS. This product has relatively low abiotic depletion and uses mainly chemicals that are in plentiful source. Products contain up to approximately 20% of post consumer and post industrial recycled content.

Altro Safety flooring products utilise cardboard rolls which are wrapped in cardboard wrapping for transportation which bear the RESY recycling symbol identifying that the packaging will be accepted by cardboard recyclers.

Embodied Fossil Fuel Energy

  • Altro K30: 258.622 MJ/m2
  • Altro K20: 178.36 MJ/m2
  • Altro Walkway VM 20: 170.128 MJ/m2
  • Altro Suprema II: 177.03 MJ/m2

Transport intensity – Product is manufactured in United Kingdom. Destination port is Australia.

Energy Intensityfor Container Shipping of -

  • Altro K30: 8.956 MJ/kg
  • Altro K20: 6.177 MJ/kg
  • Altro Walkway VM 20: 5.892 MJ/kg
  • Altro Suprema II: 6.131 MJ/kg

Embodied Water

Information not available.


The product is highly durable and expected life of 15 years avoids the need for long term replacement. Product warranty is 10 years.


The product is unable to be re-used due to contamination from adhesives used in the installation process.


Damaged sections of flooring can be replaced.

Design for Dematerialisation

Not applicable.

Design for Disassembly



The product is able to be fully recycled where facilities exist. However, post-consumer PVC recycling services are not currently offered in Australia.


The product requires periodic floor maintenance using a damp mop with neutral detergents and occasional dry burnishing. See Altro Safety Floor recommended cleaning regimes for more information.

Product Takeback Scheme


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)




Audits and Environmental Reporting

Yes, ISO14001 Environmental Management System.



Environmental Policy


Social Enhancement Programs

Yes. Corporate volunteering programme.

Technology Transfer Programs


Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Yes. Altro Safety Flooring manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom is ISO 14001:2004 certified.



Products in the Altro Safety Flooring Range have been reformulated to be a safe product with one issue of concern limited to the manufacturing phase and managed by PPE and EMS.


Information last verified on 1st May 2018



Timber and vinyl flooring systems.



Adhesives, Tapes & Fasteners, Floors, Floor Coverings, Floor Systems, Paints and Surface Treatments.


sustainability criteria satisfied

Workplace OHS, Occupant Health, Human Wellbeing

Low/Reduced offgassing

Promotes safety and security

Improved indoor environment

Improved Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

Habitat & Biodiversity Conservation

Reduced terrestrial impacts

Reduced waste generation

Air Pollution

Reduced GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions

Resource Depletion

Reduced water consumption


Energy Resources

Reduced embodied energy

Corporate Responsibility

Legal Compliance

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Certified EMS

Environmental policy

Social/environmental enhancement programs

Other Vital Signs

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Quality Management System

Documented manufacturer claims

Expert Assessment