Product Detail

Innowood supplies a range of composite wood products. They are made from wood flour which is capsulated with PVC. The wood flour supplier is FSC certified. Products have low VOC and formaldehyde emission, and will therefore not degrade indoor air quality.

InnoClad cladding system enhances outdoor facades and internal linings in a range of commercial and residential settings. It Is designed with a tongue and groove profile, which allow for concealed screw fixing for a clean and straight finish, ideal for new buildings, renovations or extensions.

InnoScreen are composite timber screening solution to achieve any design of façade screens, sun screens, fencing screens, privacy screens and trafficable screens. The product is designed for both horizontal and vertical fixing applications over steel or timber options.

sustainability criteria satisfied

Workplace OHS, Occupant Health, Human Wellbeing

Low/Reduced offgassing

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Improved indoor environment

Habitat & Biodiversity Conservation

Independent management accreditation

Reduced hazardous waste generation

Air Pollution

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Reduced smog-forming potential

Resource Depletion


Extended Producer Responsibility scheme (EPR)

Uses renewable materials


Energy Resources

Corporate Responsibility

Legal Compliance

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental policy

Other Vital Signs

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Quality Management System

Ecolabel / Certification

Certification Mark

Documented manufacturer claims

Expert Assessment


GreenRate - Level C