Product Detail

Dunlop DB3 adds comfort and improves acoustics to modular carpet tiles, PVC-backed carpets and other textile floor coverings in high traffic areas.

Dunlop DB5 has been specifically developed to provide an exceptional level of durability and support. Ideal in high traffic areas, DB5 extends carpet life and ensures continued underfoot comfort. Dunlop DB3 and DB5 are suitable for use in offices, education, retail, healthcare, wheel traffic, government, airports and public spaces.

Dunlop DB7 has been developed to offer a touch of luxury whilst also providing performance in high traffic areas. Product is suitable hotels, conference facilities, theatres, restaurants, bars and lounges, public spaces, entertainment and places of worship.

Dunlop DB9 is a premium Double Bond carpet cushion offering a luxurious feel as well as extended durability. DB9 is suitable for boardrooms, executive areas, auditoriums, hotel receptions, foyers, theatres, restaurants, luxury units and apartments.

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