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Global GreenTagCert™ GreenRate Level A Certified, low VOC emission metal ceiling panel.



Download the Green Star® recognised Certification here:



The product has achieved GreenRate Level A for GBCA Design and As Built v1.1 and Interiors v1 Sustainable Products third party certification.





  • S33 Tegular (600x600mm, other sizes available on request)
  • S45 Tegular (600x600mm, other sizes available on request)
  • S22/31 Clip-in (600x600mm, other sizes available on request)


The ceilings are coated with water based paint mostly white, different colors are available, printed pictures are also possible. Ceilings can be also coated with a glass mat.


Warranty period of 15 years provided by company and verified by documentation.

Expected Life

Residential & Commercial

Performance affected by wear and tear, service life of 15 years is typical.

Indicative Costs

Recommended Retail Prices

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Purchase Options

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  • Iron: 94%
  • Silicon: 1%
  • Others: 5%

* exact constituent names, percentages and weights are confidential, but have been confidentially sighted and verified by Global GreenTag.

Technical Specifications

Products are tested in accordance with the relevant National and International Standards.

Please see the ‘Green Specifications’ tab for more details on the Technical Specifications.

National & International Standards

GreenTag GreenRate Level A
Green Star® Design and As Built V1.1 and Interiors V1 Rating Tools Certified Credits:

  • Sustainable Products

Green Star® Performance V1 Rating Tool Certified Credit:

  • Refurbishment Materials


Green Star® Legacy Rating Tools Certified Credits:

  • Ceiling, Walls & Partitions
  • IEQ: Volatile Organic Compounds


ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Country of Origin



Please contact OWA in Australia via ‘Suppliers’ tab above for projects.


Please contact OWA in Australia via ‘Suppliers’ tab above for preparation.



GreenTagCert™ GreenRate Assessment


OWA have not elected to undergo a Life Cycle Analysis and does not currently report on life cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the product.



Issues of Concern / Red Lights

The products have successfully passed the Ecospecifier Cautionary Assessment Process (ESCAP) and no issues of concern or red lights comments exist regarding the toxicity of the products. The manufacturer of OWAtecta® ceiling panels has a certified ISO 14001 EMS and has demonstrated the gathering of data on toxics usage and generation in a format that allows tracking of all toxics purchased or generated with the aim of elimination of toxics in the production process, along with a commitment to continuous improvement.



Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
The company operates under an ISO 14001 Certified EMS at their manufacturing facility.


OWA has not elected to undergo water use accounting and does not currently report on water use for the product.


OWA has not been involved in any litigation in the past 5 years and has demonstrated compliance with relevant social and environmental legislative or other legal requirements.

Yes, both the suppliers of OWAtecta®has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that demonstrates the organisation considers the impacts of its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, and all other members of the public sphere during corporate decision-making.

Independent assurance and documented evidence has been sighted by Global GreenTag from major suppliers demonstrating whole of enterprise social compliance to International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions (as a minimum):

  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining (Conventions 87 and 98);
  • Elimination of Forced and Compulsory Labour (Conventions 29 and 105);
  • Elimination of Discrimination in respect of employment and occupation (Conventions 100 and 111);
  • Occupational Safety and Health (Convention 155 and its accompanying Recommendation No. 164)
  • Occupational Health Services (Convention 161 and its accompanying Recommendation No. 171)


Iron ores usedin OWAtecta® metal ceiling panels involves mining activity. Erosion of exposed hillsides, mine dumps, tailings dams and potential siltation of drainages, creeks and rivers can significantly impact the surrounding areas. In areas of wilderness, mining may cause destruction and disturbance of ecosystems and habitats.


Product demonstrates compliance with the Standard for Ceiling systems in compliance with EN 13984: 2004 Standard Specification for Suspended Ceilings and other relevant national fitness for purpose standards.

Contractual agreement held by company for replacement parts. Single parcel’s of ceiling tiles are available for replacement. Suspension grids are also available.


Yes. OWA provides product stewardship program for recycling, which is publicly available on their website.


IEQ Certification: VOCs: This product is Certified to Meet Green Star® IEQ VOC credits for Ceiling and Walls Coverings.

The GreenTag GreenRate certificate may be used to demonstrate compliance to the relevant Green Star® IEQ credits for VOC emissions of ceiling products.

Indoor Environment Quality

OWAtecta® has been tested for TVOC to AgBB and complies as a minimum with TVOC emissions limits as follows:

a)   Total VOC limit 0.5mg/m2/hour

b)   4-PC (4-Phenylcyclohexene) 0.05mg/m2 per hour.

Product does not adversely affect IEQ and these low emissions add to a healthy indoor environment.

Information last verified on 03/05/2016. Certification valid until 06/05/2017.



Ceiling, Walls and Partitions.


Materials Calculator Credits

The Material Calculator assesses the environmental impact of Fitout product categories (e.g. ceilings, walls and partitions etc.) based on a number of assessment criteria. Multiple products may make up the category and be subject to assessment. The following example shows how OWAtecta® product can contribute to achieving credit points towards a GreenStar® rating of a building. Potential Credit Points indicate maximum points available in the Material calculator provided that ALL products making up the category satisfy relevant assessment criteria.




sustainability criteria satisfied