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OWAcoustic® ceiling tiles are made of biosoluble mineral fibres. 





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OWAcoustic ceiling tiles

The product has achieved GreenRate Level A, certified under Global GreenTag Standard V3.2


OWA offers complete technically sophisticated ceiling systems. They supply all the components, which include fit together-panels, construction elements and accessories.

OWAcoustic® ceiling tiles are made of biosoluble mineral fibres. The product is designed to reduce echo and reverberation within office spaces, recording studios, call centres, and various other applications. Due to the very low emission rates, OWAcoustic® ceiling tiles are especially suitable for schools, hospitals and playschools.

Product Achievements

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • ≥15 year warranty
    • Building Code of Australia compliant
    • Certified Environmental Management System
    • Complies with relevant social and environmental laws of the country of operation
    • Ethical supply chain
    • Fit for Purpose certified
    • Manufacturer take back policy
    • Replacement parts available
  • Health & Ecotoxicity
    • low toxicity - no toxicity in use
    • Healthy VOC levels

sustainability criteria satisfied