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Nova Best is a low VOC, water-based, low odour, non-yellowing polyurethane hardwood floor finish which can be applied to unfinished and prefinished surfaces. The product is suitable for residential and commercial applications as well as high traffic areas in heavy wear applications.




Available in Matte (20),  Satin (45) and Gloss ( 90)


Synteko Nova Best will provide a natural, clear appearance


Product is suitable for use at time of purchase. No post-application warranty is offered. Product has a shelf life of 12 months in unopened container from production date

Expected Life

5 years for commercial applications, 10 years for residential applications, dependent on adequate maintenance regime

Indicative Costs

$1.85/m²/coat, as a guide only.

Purchase Options

Outright purchase only.


Waterborne polyurethane dispersion, acrylic hybrid dispersion

Technical Specifications

Synteko Nova Best available in 5L package together with hardener.

Synteko Hardener available in 0.24L package. Polyisocyanate diluted in dipropyleneglycoldimethylether (DPGDME)

Coverage: 8-15 m2/L

National & International Standards

AS/NZS4586:2004 Slip resistance of new pedestrian surface materials P4/D1 requirements for the Wet Pendulum Test and the Dry Floor Friction Test, correspondingly.

Country of Origin

Manufactured in Europe


  • Modern Art Gallery, Canberra
  • Max Brenner coffee shops
  • Gloria Jeans coffee shops
  • Westfield Bondi Junction revamp main thoroughfare

Please contact manufacturer via the 'Supplier' tab for more information.


Mixing: Synteko Nova Best must be mixed with Synteko Hardener 1648 prior to use. Add total contents of Synteko Hardener 1648 to a full container of Synteko Nova Best. Shake the container well at least 30 seconds and let it stand for 10 minutes. The container must be kept open after the addition of hardener. Finish mixed with hardener must be used within 2 hours.

Directions for use: Sand the surface back to bare wood, removing any dirt and unevenness. For the last sanding use 120-150 grit paper. Vacuum well and tack with a damp cloth. For the best result, apply Synteko Sealmaster as the first coat on the bare wood (s. separate product information). After drying (40-90 minutes), when the surface obtains an even colour, light intermediate sanding with 150 grit screen/paper should take place. Vacuum thoroughly. Apply Synteko Nova Best with an applicator or 6mm mohair roller or 7mm synthetic roller. Do not apply more than two coats per day (sealer and/or finish). One coat of sealer and two coats of finish are recommended. Ventilate floor finish after surface is tack dry.

Factory-finished or previously finished floors: First, clean the floor with Synteko Remover, and then clean using 10% vinegar to 90% water to remove all residues grease, polish, etc. Next, wipe the floor down using pure water. (Wax-treated floors must be sanded down to bare wood). Sand with 150 grit screen/paper to mat the surface and then vacuum thoroughly. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Synteko Nova Best. Do not cover the surface until it is completely dried. Do not use tape directly on the finished floor.




Synteko Nova Best provides maximum resistance to wear, scratching, scuffing, marring and chemicals. It is specifically suited to floors which are subject to heavy traffic and minimal maintenance is a requirement for use. Using Synteko Nova Best with Synteko Hardener minimises site downtime and disruptions to living arrangements due to long curing times of some other floor finishes.




The VOC categorisation of this product compared to conventional VOC level solvent based floor sealers is 'Low VOC' according to EU classification due to the high solid content. While Synteko Hardener is not considered low VOC, this product has reduced hardener volumes compared to conventional systems means there is less potential for emissions to air. Such products typically have long term low level VOC emissions (given the solvent and polymerisation by-product content evaporates out of the coating) over time.

Synteko Nova Best contains a small percentage of a substance (~ 1%) which is harmful by inhalation, harmful in contact with skin; harmful if swallowed and causes burns. This issue relates to the manufacturing stage of the substance and there are no known impacts related to the substance in the final product as it is bound into the solid surface coating. Precautions for workers such as avoiding inhalation and wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will mitigate this issue to low in accordance with an Ecospecifier risk assessment.

Synteko Hardener contains Monomeric HDI approximately 1% which is toxic by inhalation (R23). For this component, there is a likely to frequent probability of a moderate severity in professional user exposure. Users of this product should practice good Occupational, Health and Safety procedures including adequate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to mitigate potential issues. This component also is not an issue in use due to the polymerisation process chemically binding it into the final inert surface.



Indoor Environment Quality

Synteko Nova Best is a waterborne /polyurethane timber finish, to be mixed with Synteko Hardener before use. According to independent, third party VOC testing, the VOC content of this combined mix is 3.9 g/L. Under Green Star, 75g/L is the threshold for timber finishes.

Electromagnetic Radiation









Emissions – No known impacts.

Physical – Petrochemical extraction can cause localised aquatic disturbance around oil fields via mining infrastructure and dredging of the seabed. Petroleum extraction and distribution can also contribute to oil spills at sea.


Emissions –Product contains small amounts of a substance which is very toxic to aquatic organisms (R51). Care should be taken during wash up of application tools.

Physical – Petrochemical extraction can cause localised aquatic disturbance around oil fields via mining infrastructure and dredging of the seabed. Petroleum extraction and distribution can also contribute to oil spills at sea.


Greenhouse gas (GHG) – Petrochemical based coatings and finishes (such as Synteko Nova Best) use resource limited fossil fuels and have a higher embodied energy than plant based compounds.

Greenhouse intensity Greenhouse intensity may vary depending on the type of paint and coverage. Greenhouse Intensity for wood stain/varnish is approximately 5.35 kgCO2/kg.

Transport intensity –  Product is manufactured in Estonia. GHG intensities for shipping product are shown below. Shipping port from country of origin is Tallin. Destination port is Sydney.

Product Weight

Distance to destination port

Energy Intensity – Container Shipping

GHG Intensity – Container Shipping

1.08  kg / L


0.000135 MJ/

0.000011kgCO2e /

  • Greenhouse Intensityfor Container Shipping of Nova Best  - 0.275 kgCo2e/L

Table below provides land transportation greenhouse intensity figures to help calculate the greenhouse gas intensity of land transportation from shipping port.

Light commercial vehicle

Rigid Truck

Articulated Truck

0.001451kgCO2e /

0.000195kgCO2e /

0.000069kgCO2e /

Transport intensity figures sourced from Australian National Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990, 1995 and 1999 and WWF International, Inland Navigations and Emissions, 2005.

Operational efficiency – Not applicable.

Re-use Efficiency – Not applicable.

Toxics and Pollutants – Not applicable.

Ozone Depletion –  Not applicable.

Urban Heat Island Effects – Not applicable.

Noise – Not applicable.



Product contains polyurethane binder originally derived from petroleum based polymers. This binder generates biodiversity impacts through the atmospheric emissions generated during extracting and manufacturing processes. These have not been quantified in terms of impacts on biological systems, except in the case of oil-spill impacts which, while rare, can have significant long-term, localised impacts



Resource Efficiency

Product is petrochemical based which is a finite and limited resource.

Product is supplied in plastic bottles and in recycled cardboard boxes.

Embodied Fossil Fuel Energy

Embodied energy for wood stain/varnishis approximately 50MJ/kg.

Transport intensity – Nova Best is manufactured in Estonia.

  • Energy Intensity for Container Shipping of Nova Best – 3.375 MJ / functional unit

Embodied Water

Information not available.


Durable and hard-wearing timber finish suitable for use in high traffic areas.


Not reusable. Left over products may be decanted into smaller containers, containing no oxygen, and kept (for a limited time) for touch ups or other projects.


Yes, product can be spot repaired and most scratches or marks will disappear.

Design for Dematerialisation


Design for Disassembly

Not applicable.


Not applicable.


Vacuum or dry-mop floors regularly. Floors should be washed with a solution of warm water and Synteko Superclean. When necessary, floors should be recoated with Synteko Nova Best.

Product Takeback Scheme


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)





Audits and Environmental Reporting




Environmental Policy

Synteko is a company in the Akzo Nobel Group, who has an environmental policy.

Social Enhancement Programs


Technology Transfer Programs


Environmental Management Systems (EMS)



Synteko Nova Best contains a small amount (~1%) of a chemical harmful by inhalation and skin contact, toxic by inhalation and that can cause burns (risk occurs during manufacturing stage only), and are OH&S and application risks. Provided that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used during the manufacture of Synteko Nova Best this risk is considered to be Medium in accordance with an Ecospecifier Risk Assessment.

Synteko Hardener contains Monomeric HDI (~1%) which is harmful by inhalation(R23) and is an OH&S and application risk. Provided that users of this product practice good OH&S procedures, including the adequate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), this risk is considered to be Medium in accordance with an Ecospecifier Risk Assessment.

Information last verified on 11th June 2019



Standard solvent based 2 pack polyurethane timber floor coatings.



Surfaces finishes

sustainability criteria satisfied

Workplace OHS, Occupant Health, Human Wellbeing

Low/Reduced offgassing

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Improved indoor environment

Habitat & Biodiversity Conservation

Reduced terrestrial impacts

Reduced waste generation

Air Pollution

Reduced or no toxicity through life cycle

Resource Depletion


Energy Resources

Reduced embodied energy

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Environmental policy

Environmental Management System (EMS)

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