Certification Partners

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GLOBAL GREENTAG is an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved National Certification Mark, an ISO compliant ecolabel and Green Building Councils of Australia and New Zealand recognised third party certifier. The program uses complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to certify green building materials and a wide range of other products and technologies. It is an Australian developed system with a global focus, comprised of 2 independent rating systems:
• Global GreenTag GreenRate certification enables products to be allocated Level A, B or C in the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and New Zealand GBC's Green Star™ tools and certify both VOC and formaldehyde (composite wood) credits.
• Global GreenTag LCARate life cycle assessment based certification enables products to be rated according to their 'cradle to end-of-life-fate' impacts to differentiate products from business as usual and other green product. It is also a recognised certification system under Australia's and New Zealand's Green Building Councils' Post Consumer Materials credits

For more information go to http://globalgreentag.com/