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Enhance your brand in the market and expand your reach into the green procurement sector by advertising your company services and/or product in our monthly mail-out to around 16,000 green professionals. 




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Be positioned in the HIGHLIGHTS FIELD of the newsletter, below the front cover - with spill over content  (your article in full)  published on your own unique news page that we create for you on and LINKED to appear under the PRODUCT NEWS tab of your Ecospecifier Global product page.

Example of news page 

Example of news appearing with product listing



One Month Option:

Introductory price of $275.00 inc. GST per newsletter - per space


OR Five Issues Option:

Purchase 5 spaces in 5 different monthly newsletters for $1000 inc. GST  



In both offers, you receive:


  • Direct exposure of your company/product to our email database of nearly 16,000 green professionals and consumers alike.
  • Your own unique news page where the extended version of your article and promotion is published on which attracts around 30,000 page views per month.
  • The attention of your target audience - our readers are niche green marker buyers, including Architects, Builders, Contractors, Consultants, Designers, Engineers and many more.
  • A Mini Report on readership of your promotion.
  • And, if you are promoting a product, your promotion then stays on the PRODUCT NEWS section of your product listing page on


YOUR Advertising Space in Ecospecifier Global News Features:


  • 1 Photograph 600 pixels x 400 pixels 
  • 2 Links - Website Link/ Facebook Link
  • Between 200 to 300 Word Text
  • Full Contact Details


For bookings and further enquiries, please contact:

Debra Robertson

Tel: 1300 669 997


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    • 1 Photograph  600 pixels x 400 pixels
    • A catchy headline
    • Text and links (that can be carried over to your own news page on
    • Total of 3 photographs when your article is published on the news page on
    • Full Contact Details
    • Company Logo
    • Please advise if your article is related to product you have listed on so the article can be linked to your product page.