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There is an industry wide imperative to educate industry professionals and pre-professionals in tertiary, professional and commercial organisations about green building and materials issues.

Sustainable design is an expanding field and with the imminent rise of new design strategies, building materials, technologies, government legislation, green building codes and rating schemes, ecospecifier has designed a range of learning programs to help advance and embed this evolving field of knowledge.

From corporate property and construction groups to architects, interior designers to materials manufacturers, from executive teams, project and product teams to sales executive and sales teams, ecospecifier has a training experience and content to suit first time' attendees to accredited professional development programs.

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Develop your organisation into a true green building enterprise with EXECUTIVE DIRECTIONS

Executive Directions - Developing Intelligence in Green Building Solutions is an in-house program with a number of flexible delivery options to rapidly improve green building intelligence across your whole organisation.

The program draws delivers up to 24 hours of rich content that has been offered through our Practical Sustainability professional education series since 2007; knowledge that is being offered in-house because we know that it is not realistic to expect one participant attending a professional program to effectively disseminate knowledge throughout an organisation - particularly knowledge of this calibre for designing and delivering exemplary, sustainable building outcomes.

Executive Directions will increase the knowledge of your senior levels and it will also prepare them to effectively pass on and embed the knowledge within the practice and throughout the culture of the organisation.

Topics covered include:

  • Simplifying the sustainability policy landscape- explaining how all the different green building, energy and sustainability programs and tools mesh and interact - which ones are mandatory and which ones can be used to drive your business bottom line.
  • How to reduce building costs: explaining strategies to find and drive building synergy to minimise not only operational costs but first costs also, using Integrative Design, Integrated Cost Analysis and inverted product selection processes;
  • Building Element and Materials Eco-profiles: Element by element explanation of the key ecological and health impacts of key materials and configuration alternatives of every major building component;
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)in your future: explaining why LCA is the way for the future for describing how projects and products perform over their life span and how LCA based programs are leading the world in mainstreaming simple to understand but yet incredibly detailed scientifically robust, third party audited eco-profiles of products and projects and how LCA can be simply and cost effectively used in everyday practice by green building professionals and in marketing of products by manufacturers.

Executive Directions


Deliver Materials Intelligence Yourself

In addition, ecospecifier has a ready made educational package that you deliver yourself,  Building Empowerment is a series of 32 modules, divided into 4 core units, complete with PowerPoint presentations, eco-priority guides and reference texts. An ideal education solution for your firm on how to apply new knowledge in product, materials and technology selection for building design, specification and construction. Please click below to find out more:

Building Green 32 Modules You Deliver



We now also offer this course ONLINE. With fully scripted powerpoints and Continued Professional Development (CPD) Questionnaires. To learn more about our online offering of the 32 modules click here.


Global Sustainability and Materials Education

Guiding your team on all aspects of sustainability in product, materials and technology ...

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