World Green Infrastructure Congress

World Green Infrastructure Congress

Date: 07.10.2014

World Green Infrastructure Congress

07-10 October 2014 Australian Technology Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Congress will present the latest technological developments, green industry awards, iconic best practice projects, research data, professional training workshops, Living Art competition and new areas of applications in the field of green infrastructure. It will serve as a surface + space where international urban greenery thought leaders from various disciplines may come together with architects, landscape architects, landscaper contractors, environmentalists, horticulturists, nursery growers and policymakers and stakeholders to examine the present and future trends of this growing sector.

Green infrastructure includes green roofs and green walls, landscape renewal; urban vegetative regeneration; urban farming; canopy planting; urban forests and wetlands. It is a challenging world, and green building technology is one solution to tackling the impacts of climate change that affects us all.

A cooperative effort is needed to work for a better, greener and more sustainable world. Green infrastructure includes all plant related technologies in connection to buildings and urban development. Vegetation is an essential key for sustainable urban environment.

Against this backdrop the WORLD GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE CONGRESS will be a dynamic marketplace for delegates and trade visitors from the region to discover the very best and most advanced landscape and urban greenery solutions from around the world. This Congress will be an opportunity to learn best practices, discuss the latest industry trends and network with academics, professionals and policymakers.

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