Crothall Healthcare Chooses American Ultraviolet’s ARTZ Mobile Room Disinfection System

Crothall Healthcare Chooses American Ultraviolet’s ARTZ Mobile Room Disinfection System

Date: 28.09.2011

WAYNE, PA, August 3, 2011 - Leading national healthcare support services provider Crothall

Healthcare recently announced its selection of American Ultraviolet (AUV), one of the oldest and most trusted leaders in UV technology, as its preferred partner for healthcare room disinfection. The ARTZ (Automatically Reliably Targeting Zero) Mobile Room UVC Germicidal Solution uses high-intensity UVC lamps to deliver a critical overall dose to all room surfaces to quickly, safely, and effectively reduce harmful pathogens in patient rooms and surgical suites.

The decision further underscores Crothall's commitment to prevent the spread of infection within its healthcare client settings, with a specific focus on eliminating microorganisms that cause hospital acquired infections (HAIs). The partnership with AUV is a result of years of careful research and testing by Crothall Healthcare's Products Committee.

AUV's ARTZ unit is designed to be a powerful, yet safe, easy-to-use, automated disinfection tool to combat the skyrocketing financial and human costs associated with HAIs. AUV has manufactured mobile room disinfection devices for over 30 years, and the ARTZ product is an updated and redesigned version specifically for the healthcare market. ARTZ uses reflected energy to reach shadowed areas and increase overall intensity in the treated space. In addition, a touch-screen tablet acts as a remote controller and transmits reportable data to an SD memory device. Crothall Healthcare's Environmental Services staff can safely operate the ARTZ in patient rooms, ICUs, and even operating rooms, thanks to built-in safety mechanisms unique to the ARTZ. Infrared sensors provide a 360° field of view, preventing the unit from turning on and even extinguishing the lamps should anyone enter the room from an unsecured door. ARTZ has a lamp life that exceeds all other devices on the market, and delivers a higher output UVC flux while consuming less energy. Unlike some other devices, ARTZ releases no ozone and has proven effectiveness against C. diff spores.

"We consider Crothall Healthcare to be the clear leader in healthcare EVS," commented AUV President Meredith Stines, "and it is important to us that our technology is embraced by a company so dedicated to infection prevention. I feel confident that the ARTZ complements Crothall's standard program of cleaning and disinfecting in a meaningful way."

According to Crothall Healthcare President Tom Racobaldo, "We are early adopters of UV as an innovation to fight HAIs. Our EVS program is so focused on infection prevention that we are always looking for best-in-class tools to help us keep patients safe. The ARTZ stands out as the clear leader in this technology, and we are confident introducing it to our client facilities."

About American Ultraviolet

Since 1960, American Ultraviolet® has manufactured close to 60,000 effective UVC germicidal fixtures for commercial, healthcare, and residential applications. Our ultraviolet fixtures reduce harmful pathogens, increase efficiency, prolong equipment life, and improve indoor air quality, in part because American Ultraviolet® germicidal fixtures feature the highest output lamps, enabling them to deactivate more bacteria, viruses, and mold across a wider temperature and air velocity range than all others.

About Crothall Healthcare
Crothall Healthcare provides specialized, high-quality, innovative, and responsive support services to the healthcare industry, using a framework of people, process, and performance. Our core services include: Environmental Services, Patient Transport, Laundry & Linen, Facilities Management, and Clinical Equipment Services. We currently serve over 1,200 healthcare clients in 38 states, and employ over 30 thousand associates. Crothall Healthcare is the only healthcare cleaning company to achieve CIMS and CIMS-GB certifications, with honors, from worldwide cleaning association ISSA.

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