Tontine Insulation acquires Auspoly's manufacturing operations

Tontine Insulation acquires Auspoly's manufacturing operations

Date: 15.09.2011

Tontine Insulation has announced the acquisition of Auspoly's manufacturing operations.

Tontine Insulation is Australia's largest manufacturer of Thermal Bonded nonwoven fabrics, and Auspoly is a significant Melbourne based manufacturer of carded and needle punched non-woven fibre based products for the bedding, insulation and carpet underlay markets.

"In these days of doom and gloom for Australian manufacturers we remain committed to local manufacture by continuing to invest in highly efficient processes and innovative products and techniques", said Jim Liaskos, UBF's Managing Director, "with scale economies through volume as the critical third ingredient to create a sustainable business."

In July this year the non-woven operations of The Smith Family were integrated intothe business of United Bonded Fabrics, creating Australia's largest non-woven fabrics manufacturer with thermo-bonding and needle punch production capability.

This latest acquisition will increase United Bonded Fabrics' carded fibre capacity in Melbourne and cements the Company's leadership position in fibre processing in Australia and particularly for thermo-bonded and needle-punched Carded and Airlay fabrics.

Earlier this year UBF was awarded exclusive rights to AdvanSA's (formerly DuPont in Europe) range of high performance fibres for the Australian and New Zealand markets, as part of its determination to offer real and differentiable performance based fibre solutions to its customers. UBF's products are Oeko-tex 100 certified in classes I & II, and carry the Green Tag Gold Plus environmental accreditation.

UBF will continue to operate from Auspoly's Melbourne site in addition to its five other locations around Australia to minimize any disruption to customers andoperations.

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