The New Ascent Collection

The New Ascent Collection

Date: 19.05.2014

The New Ascent Collection

Created for Hemptech by Essenze of Design - The Ascent collection is inspired by the migration of the Monarch butterfly, Australasia's most recognised butterfly. The dancing trails on the print signify the Monarch's path as it spirals upwards towards the warmer air. Ascent is an upholstery collection printed on 100% natural linen, with colorways ranging from dark earthy shades to bright red, green and blue tones. Ascent is a modern, fluid design on a soft and neutral base.

Composition: 100% Linen - Width: 137cm - Uses: Upholstery - 5 Colourways
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Ascent 1.jpg Ascent 2.jpg Ascent 3.jpg

Ascent Cloud                        Ascent Forest                Ascent Fuschia

Ascent 4.jpg Ascent 5.jpg

Ascent Ocean                    Ascent Storm

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