The Major Dividends Cities Reap From Investing In Green Infrastructure

Date: 15.02.2012

Today NRDC released a new report on how local and state governments can stimulate potentially billions of dollars of private investment, to offset the costs of repairing our nation's broken stormwater infrastructure. Stormwater and sewage overflows are leading sources of water pollution that we must address to meet the Clean Water Act's goals of fishable, swimmable, drinkable waters nationwide. The overdue bill for our disinvestment in municipal water infrastructure over the last two decades totals in hundreds of billions of dollars.

As NRDC detailed last November in Rooftops to Rivers II, cities across the country are using green infrastructure, such as green roofs, street trees and porous pavement that soak up urban runoff, to tackle these problems. These smarter water solutions work to clean up local waterways while creating healthier cities.


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