The Environmental Challenges Threatening Your Business

Date: 22.03.2012

BusinessGreen runs down KPMG's list of 10 major environmental challenges that businesses are likely to face over the next two decades.

One of the challenges covered by KPMG is Climate change. It said that this could be the only global megaforce that would directly affects all others, with annual output losses ranging from one per cent per year, if strong and early action is taken to tackle rising temperatures; to as much as five per cent a year, if policymakers fail to act.

Another major challenge would be the fossil fuel markets and how they are likely to become more volatile and unpredictable due to higher demand, shifts in the geographical pattern of consumption, supply and production uncertainties, and increasing regulation to tackle climate change.

Water scarcity would be another issue threatening businesses, based on a forecast that the global demand for freshwater will exceed supply by 40 per cent by 2030, KPMG warns that businesses may be vulnerable to water shortages, lower-quality water, price volatility and resulting reputational challenges.

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(Source: Business Green,; accessed on 22/03/2012)

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