Thank you to those who are sharing and commenting on social media around the Globe

Thank you to those who are sharing and commenting on social media around the Globe

Date: 25.05.2015

This month, on Facebook, we honour:


Living Building Challenge Collaborative: Melbourne

Urban Integration Working Group

Cathi Colla Architects

Healthy Living Spaces

Dom Gilligan - Australia

Ecoriginals - Australia

Greg Pershouse

Principal at Greg Pershouse & Associates Pty Ltd

Gloria Watson

Works at TAFE Teaching Interior Decorating

Katie Thompson

Owner & Manager at Changing Faces

Passive Builders Bendigo

The Carbon Protocol of South Africa

Water Bottle Refill Stations

In Properties for Investors

Club Financial Services Maitland

Bee Recognised - Social Media

Brand Growth

Tailored Wealth

Vince Wardill, Technical Director at Archi-Flix and Technical Director - ESD Solution

Lorina Nervegna - Melbourne, Australia

Georgia Jarrett - Queensland, Australia



BIM + United Kingdom

Eric Brandt  - Energie Plus Dak - Netherlands

Decoration Blog

UpShot Coffee - Melbourne

John Held, Director, Russell & Yeland Architects

ACIF (Australian Construction Industry Forum)

Design Build Expo

Enviro and Safety - Australia

Alice N - The Eco Marketer - UK

AWRE (The Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo

Australian Furniture

FSA Store - US

Manuel Andrade, Galapagos Hostal - Ecuador

Chesterfield House - Melbourne

See Sustainable Experience  - Australia

Charlie O’Malley - Founder of Responsible Leadership Forum - UK

MAP Logic

Tanya Ha, Environmental Advocate - Melbourne

Jessica East - Solar Power World - San Diego

Ali Spagnola - Comedienne - Los Angeles

Bill Boulden - Music Producer - New York

Vendor Check

ichange2 - digital health coach - global

Steve Zeitchik, CEO Focal Point Strategies - US/Israel

Francois Swanepoel, Architectural Technologist, South Africa

Australian Furniture


Kusaga Athletic

Greens For Animal Protection, Green Party, UK

Sarah Brewer - Brewer Admin Services - Australia

Brian Brushwood, US Comedian

Tanya Ha, Environmental Advocate, Melbourne

Chane Steiner, CEO Steiner Marketing LLC

1300 Facade -Sustainability through Design - Australia

Evalving Systems LLC - Denver

Joe Miller - President of Midwest Traffic Safety Store - Florida

Carbon EMT - Perth, Australia

PIP Magazine - Australia

Jim Harris - Top 100 Global eco-influencer and international bestselling author

John Gertsakis - Chief Sustainability Officer - ecoactiv - Australia

DPI Building Tomorrow - South Africa

Solar Texas Energy - USA

PStatts Gerflor - UK

CSM Office - Australia

Ross Duckham - making sustainability profitable - Australia

Enviro Development - Australia

Mark Crabtree - Energy Management Professional - USA

Lesley Treacy - Sustainability CSR & EIA Consultant - London

Silver Trowel - Australia

One Planet Living - London

Clean Water Wednesday - California

Comfy Heaven Pillows

Julie Urlaub - Sustainability Communications, Taiga Company, USA

GT-Active - Global

Chuffed - Global

IBSO - Worldwide

Mark Stevenson - Datascience - London

Italian Notes - Copenhagen

CECHR - Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience - UK

Green Adventures - UK

Little Green Space - UK

Jason Ray - Global Technology Executive - Urban Land Institute - Washington

Dr Steven Lin, Interior Designer, TedX speaker - Australia



Danial Beinke Chesterfield House

Owner / Designer at Chesterfield House

Kirstin (Springer) Smith

Client Engagement Manager at Unispec Studio

Vincent Wardill

Technical Director - ESD Solution, Passionate About Sustainability

Carole Hammond

Senior Sustainability Officer at Moonee Valley City Council

Aca Manic

Social Media, Wedding and event cinematography

Melbourne Area, AustraliaMedia Production

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