Terraçade™ Sustainable Façades  l  Not Just Pretty Faces

Terraçade™ Sustainable Façades  l  Not Just Pretty Faces

Date: 03.02.2017









Ecospecifier Global Verified product Terraçade™ is a façade design system that resolves environmental and structural issues to produce effective and safe building enclosures.

The Terraçade product was put through the Ecospecifier Verification program to qualify its leading position as a façade system that is worthy to be used in green building projects.

Consisting of modular fired clay units, largely from clays sourced in Australia and China, the two versions of the product: Terraçade TN (designed to act as a rainscreen and a rear ventilated facade system) and Terraçade XP (designed to act as a rear ventilated curtain wall system) both contribute to improving a building’s overall performance and energy rating.

How A Sustainable Façade System Works


The Terraçade™ system, as seen in the illustration above, cleverly provides natural ventilation for a building.  This is a significant benefit as compared with significant radiant heat gain issues that can be experienced in glazed panel systems or curtain wall glass façade systems, especially with ‘heat absorbing’ dark coloured glasses typically used.

In contrast, the frame of a Terraçade system offsets the terra-cotta skin from the building surface and assists in reducing energy use throughout a building by promoting air flow against the substrate wall – and the boost of airflow helps to regulate a building’s temperature and remove airborne moisture from within the cavity.





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