Sustainability in Heating & Cooling

Sustainability in Heating & Cooling

Date: 14.04.2015






At Devex Systems, we strive to provide superior comfort through high quality, sustainable heating and cooling solutions delivered with service excellence. 

Sustainable solutions are no longer a way of the future, they are the way of today. Providing the building industry with sustainable systems that will help home owners get one step closer to a carbon neutral application is our goal.

With over 3 decades of expertise and experience in the industry you can trust us to design your system right.

 Hydronic Energy Hub:


The Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub

The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub achieves an optimum and pleasant indoor environment with comfort heating on demand throughout the year. This system has been designed to be an environmentally sound and sustainable solution that offsets household greenhouse gas emissions and helps home owners to get one step closer to a carbon neutral house.

The system can prioritise renewable energy sources over non renewable energy sources to ensure minimal energy wastage. The prioritisation of renewable energy sources like solar power reduces the energy costs associated with domestic hot water and other heating related utility bills. Combining multiple energy sources and uses through the Hydronic Energy Hub is more cost effective than current solutions on the market.

Energy Uses include: Radiator heating, hydronic floor heating, domestic hot water and pool heating
Energy Sources include: Solar/Wetbacks (Renewable), Heat Pumps/Gas Boilers (Non-Renewable)

Electric Overhead Heating:

Comfortline Electric Heating Panels


More traditional heating sources incorporate the use of forced air heat – air is heated remotely and then transported to various destinations via conduits or ducts. Obviously, much of that energy will be lost during transportation and lost through the doors and windows. With radiant heat, since air movement is not involved, the objects it comes into contact with (including people!) absorb most of the heat – up to 85%. Those heated objects then raise the temperature of the surrounding air.

This results in delivering heat much the way the sun does, Comfortline ceiling mounted panels provide luxurious warmth and offer significant savings when compared with bottled LPG gas heaters (i.e. mushroom heaters) and other forms of traditional heating. The higher output models with multiple element panels can run independent of each other giving greater control over the radiant heat output. A single high capacity Comfortline panel costs about 55c/hour to run.# A typical mushroom heater on bottled gas will cost five times that — up to $3.00/hour.^

# Assumes Comfortline Excel 24 with electricity of 25c/kWhr.  ^ Assumes $25 refill for 9kg LPG bottle

Overhead Tube Heaters:

Schwank Overhead Tube Heaters


These German-made tube heaters have a fast pay-back and have proven their exceptional efficiency time and time again, reducing energy consumption significantly when compared to traditional heating systems used to warm large spaces.  The radiant heat emitted from these tubes not only considerably improves the warmth felt but it simultaneously reduces energy and operating costs. The savings usually range between 30% and 50% depending on the previous system and the building properties.

Electric Floor Heating:

DEVI Electric Floor Heating


Intelligent floor sensing thermostats ensure accurate temperature control and minimal energy consumption of DEVI radiant floor heating systems.  Combining electric floor heating systems with F-Board insulation further increases the energy efficiency of this system by reducing downward heat loss.  Installation division - Floor Heat Australia

Hydronic Floor Heating:

Hydronic Floor Heating

With hydronic floor heating systems water is warmed to 35–45ºC using a suitable heat source and circulated at a safe low pressure through extremely durable plastic pipes laid in or under the floor. Hydronic floor heating keeps running costs down by allowing a choice of energy source to heat the water:

-Natural gas condensing boilers
-Electric heat pumps
-Wood fire stoves
-Solar energy (in combination with the above)

*Hydronic Floor Heating is also used as a possible heating use for the Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub System

Installation division - Floor Heat Australia

Hydronic Control Valves & Actuators:


Danfoss AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valves

Danfoss is the world leader in hydronic heating and cooling systems. The revolutionary AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control valve is designed to optimise commercial HVAC systems towards greater efficiency to allow for precision temperature control & balance and ensure significant energy savings.

The AB-QM eliminates over-pumping throughout the system by only delivering the required flow to the terminal units and keeps the delta T high which maximises the efficiency of the chillers and boilers. It also provides superior control of room temperatures creating greater comfort while consuming less energy. The AB-QM offers a 3 years or less expected payback on retrofit applications.  Read more about our latest installation of AB-QM valves in Sydney’s Barangaroo project here.

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