Sustainability Businesses and Networks Join Forces With Ecospecifier Global on Social Media

Sustainability Businesses and Networks Join Forces With Ecospecifier Global on Social Media

Date: 26.03.2015

Great networks go a long way towards creating the sustainable futures that we all want to see.  

In recent months, Ecospecifier Global has become acquainted with a number of new business names and sustainability interest networks, including building companies and interior design houses.

They have found us on the social media channels of Facebook and Twitter and are doing a fine job in helping us to reach more people, communities and industries to #MaketheSwitch to #EcoResponsible products and technologies. 

They have LIKED, SHARED, RETWEETED and COMMENTED on our social posts and educational blog articles.  They have demonstrated a passion and a great spirit of generosity to become valuable members of our online community.

We have made the decision to begin honouring these businesses and networks and sharing them with you

This month, on Facebook, we honour:

Healthy Home, Healthy Family

City to Country Design


Inov8 Building Design

Urban Integration Working Group

Earthborne By Design 

On Twitter, interest is coming from around the globe. This month, we honour:

Jason Robinson CEO Sustainability Television - Canada

South African Vinyls Association

SEE Sustainable Experience - Australia

Vision Solar - Utah, USA

Australian Furniture

Solarvatio - Mexico

Neighbourhood Power - Hawaii

Inman Solar - USA

Mubdi’ Chud’ Choudhury, Node Systems - London

ACM Events - Dubai/UAE

Interior Design - San Franscisco

PIP Magazine (Australia)

John Gertsaksis, Chief Sustainability Officer, Ecoactiv - Australia

Ash Buchanan, Cohere - Australia

Cameron Rosen, Australian Living

Bill McGhie, Carbon Training International - Australia

Chic Urban Living - Brisbane

Xavier Moreau, Head of Environmental Toxicology & Mutagenesis - AIX Marselles University

Recycling DP - UK

Building Tomorrow - South Africa

Inform Inc - New York

Craig Jones, Circular Ecology - UK

Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting

Enviro Development - Australia

President of AGDF (Australian Green Development Forum) 

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