Question BPA Free Marketing … Substitutes are not looking healthy

Question BPA Free Marketing … Substitutes are not looking healthy

Date: 03.04.2018

A new article by Dr Al Sears highlights the apparently more problematic substitute that is now marketed as BPA Free in plastics. The real story is that BPA (Bisephenol A) has been replaced by substitute bisephenols or 'alien' estrogens that mimic estrogen in the body, which are much stronger than BPA, Dr Sears reports.

A study of 450 BPA-free products found that almost ALL of them leached a variety of chemicals that act just like estrogen.1

The new bisephenols can block natural hormones and disrupt cell communication, which leads to real damage in the body, says Dr Sears, citing research that has already linked the range of substitute bisephenols that were uncovered in the 450 BPA-free products to prostate, testicular, breast and lung cancers; also to diabetes, weight gain, obesity, heart disease, asthma and behavioural changes. 

Serious levels of bisephenol in the body can be treated intravenously with chelate therapy, he adds, but we can help reduce our exposure and help eliminate these alien estrogens from the body at home with interventions like clove oil, modified citrus pectin and the uptake of DIM (Diindolylmethane) which is a 100% naturally found chemical present in vegetables like broccoli, kale and cauliflower.

Health issues linked to product choices is a serious topic. It is strongly advised to find trusted information about a product and what it contains and not just rely on claims made by manufacturers. To be sure that a product is safe for human health and the environment, look for product information only that has been assessed by third party verifiers like Ecospecifer Global or more deeply assessed by certification bodies like Global GreenTag International, which now also offers manufacturers the opportunity to make full product health declarations with their GreenTag PhD assessment.  

READ Doctor Sears full article HERE

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