Protection is Better than Cure

Protection is Better than Cure

Date: 11.11.2015








LATICRETE guarantee their products to perform, not break down or fail.


“Our systems are for the life of your structure. So protection is better than cure!”


LATICRETE have premium products that are globally proven “to protect your investment/project and provide productivity that saves you time and money.”   


With a LATICRETE® System Warranty you have peace of mind with premium quality products that are globally proven. LATICRETE provides comprehensive warranties covering commercial, residential and industrial projects around the world.


“Our best guarantee is nearly 60 years of experience with industrial, commercial and residential installations in every imaginable climate around the world.”


The LATICRETE Residential Tile and Stone Installation System brochure provides a list of products recommended for residential installations of tile and stone. Click here to view//download the LATICRETE Residential Tile & Stone Installation Systems Brochure.


An overview of the recommended LATICRETE product is provided as a general guide to facilitate the selection of the appropriate productfor the specific application.


For more on LATICRETE products, technical assistance and to discuss the available System Warranties, email or call LATICRETE on 1800 331 012.




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