Leading Australian pool and spa wholesaler, Pool Ranger announces exclusive distribution deal for AIS’s ‘MineralChlor’ mineral water pool chlorinator

Leading Australian pool and spa wholesaler, Pool Ranger announces exclusive   distribution deal for AIS’s ‘MineralChlor’ mineral water pool chlorinator

Date: 22.08.2013

One of Australia's best known swimming pool and spa product wholesalers, Sydney based Pool Ranger has just announced news of an exclusive distribution deal for the New South Wales and Victorian markets with leading Australian water disinfection company, Australian Innovative Systems (AIS). Pool Ranger will distribute AIS's new MineralChlor mineral water pool chlorinator from August 2013.

Pool Ranger's General Manager, Derek Cahill said that the deal was "extremely timely" as Pool Ranger wished to meet the growing appetite of customers keen to secure mineral water pool systems at competitive prices, backed by a well organised warranty, delivery and support network.

"Mineral pools are increasing in popularity as families want an alternative to the traditional saltwater pool. There is high level demand for spa-like quality water without the strong 'chlorine' smell, feel or taste which is produced by chloramines, Mr Cahill said.

"AIS's MineralChlor system ticks all the boxes in that it offers indoor or outdoor recreational pool users crystal clear, odourless, sanitised water using advanced technology and a blend of minerals such as magnesium chloride amongst others. Better still, the quality of water can be achieved using approximately half the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of 'standard' swimming pools or around 2500ppm.

"Other benefits of MineralChlor include saving approximately 25% in electricity consumption when compared with like systems, along with decreased wear and tear on pool filters, pumps and pool surrounds due to increases in operational efficiency and decreased use of chlorine and other chemicals. Some people also say that there are therapeutic benefits to swimming in mineral pools.

Mr Cahill cited AIS's reputation in the marketplace as a major positive to the deal.

"AIS is renowned in the water disinfection industry for its professionalism, innovation and quality of product. It's refreshing to do business with an Australian owned and operated company of this type as we've been able to get to know the AIS team personally and develop a strong and enduring relationship based on mutual respect and trust."

CEO of AIS, Elena Gosse said that the history of mineral water chlorinator companies in Australia to date had been a chequered one which is why the two companies decided to formalise a distribution deal.

"Customers can enjoy 100% peace of mind when purchasing a MineralChlor system, Ms Gosse said.

"Along with Pool Rangers' 10 year-plus history, AIS has been operating and manufacturing our products in Australia for over 25 years. We are specialists in water disinfection technology. That's all we do. We don't 'sell' products, we create them, Elena said.

"One of the most unique and critical aspects of MineralChlor's design is that it uses two, high performing electrolytic cells, rather than one to generate sufficient chlorine to kill waterborne germs and bacteria. The presence of these genuine AIS Anodes in every AIS system not only improves the performance of the generator but also extends the lifespan of the electrodes. That's a big plus when it comes to product longevity and ongoing maintenance.

"Together with Pool Ranger we can provide customers with the utmost confidence that when they purchase a MineralChlor system that they are receiving a superior, Australian designed and manufactured product which is backed up by a full, three year warranty on the chlorinator and the electrolytic cells.

"For the end user, it's a case of knowing that they can achieve quality, mineral pool water that is safe and enjoyable to swim in without mega-dosing with chlorine and other dangerous chemicals.

To enquire about MineralChlor through Pool Ranger contact:
Pool Ranger Sales: Freecall 1300 731 905 or (02) 9979 3490 or poolranger@bigpond.com

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