It’s Time To Let Go!

It’s Time To Let Go!

Date: 12.02.2014

It's Time To Let Go!

Register today for your free E-Waste collection and recycling service

Your responsible solution to unwanted IT equipment

ECOACTIV Product Recovery Programs help to ensure that unwanted and redundant IT equipment, telephony, mobiles and accessories, are safely recycled. Some older IT products can contain hazardous substances, so it's important to keep these items out of landfill.

This service is currently available to small, medium and large companies, agencies, institutions, retailers, universities, TAFEs, schools, hospitals and NGOs.

What can be collected and recycled for free?

  • Laptops/PC/Desktop/Tower Servers
  • Cabinet Servers
  • LCD/FLAT/CRT Monitors
  • Copiers, Printers & Fax Machines (free standing and desk mounted)
  • Fax machines
  • Phones (Desk, Mobile & accessories)*
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Miscellaneous IT waste and accessories

Locations currently covered?

Metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Next steps?

Register for your free collection and recycling service at:

Time is limited so register early.

ECOACTIV Product Recovery Programs are managed by Infoactiv, a leading supply chain and environmental services company operating across the Asia Pacific Region. Infoactiv's EMS has been independently certified to ISO14001.

For other e-waste, battery, globe and tube recycling services visit the ECOACTIV website:

More information

Toll Free Helpdesk:  1800 489 278


*Mobile phones and accessories will be recycled for free by MobileMuster, the official recycling program of the mobile phone industry.

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