Herman Miller Resolve: A Natural Approach

Herman Miller Resolve: A Natural Approach

Date: 20.02.2012

Herman Miller Resolve puts people into soothing environments that mimic the naturalworld, starting with the 120-degree angle, the most common in nature (thinkhoneycombs) and screens and canopies, which provide a sense of enclosure.

At Herman Miller, solving workplace problems is what we do. When sweeping changeswere taking place, we realised it was time to re-solve some critical issues. The result wasResolve, a human-centered system that lets what's natural for people come naturally tothe work environment. Its smart structure creates open, inviting, space-efficientworkstations where people feel comfortable and connected. It creates the environment tosuit your vision while using your resources effectively. The Resolve design is based on thesize, reach, and movements of people. And Resolve creates friendly work spaces; itsshapes and openness encourage people to connect, interact, and collaborate. Air and lightpass through; people can see in and out and don't feel confined. Acoustical inserts absorband block sound, and Qt Quiet technology reduces noise distractions. Screens andcanopies define personal territory; rolling screens let people control privacy.

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