Herman Miller Caper: A lighthearted leap

Herman Miller Caper: A lighthearted leap

Date: 20.02.2012

Jeff Weber designed the Caper chair to deliver high levels of performance and comfort by"using standard materials in novel ways." The Caper - a family of nimble, stylish chairsthat make moving easy and brighten up a room with their colour and flair.

These days, people are doing more work outside their individual offices or workstations.They often work in spaces used throughout the day by lots of other people too. As a result,so-called secondary seating now often acts as primary seating. Workers move, businessesmove-furniture should move easily with that constant flux. Caper chairs provide the kindof flexibility active workers crave. Lightweight, portable, stackable, movable-they helppeople come together, move around-whatever the work demands.

One chair provides a variety of solutions-in meeting spots, multipurpose rooms, asworkstation guest seating, in drop-in workstations, conference rooms, team areas,breakout spaces, and training areas. With ganging connectors, Capers make a tidypresentation space. Connectors come installed and don't interfere with stacking. Caperalso works in retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, and recreational environments.They are ideal for informal, flexible spaces where reconfiguration is encouraged, smallerscale is important, and budget matters.

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