Aeron: the King of Office Chairs

Date: 20.02.2012

The Aeron Chair transformed the world of office seating. In the 16 years since itsintroduction it has weathered a storm of resistance and a sea of praise to be crownedthe King Of Office chairs, inducted into the Museum of Modern Art's permanentcollection and named Design of the Decade. Aeron changed the design language offurniture and our expectations of chairs.

Aeron accommodates both the sitter and the environment. It adapts naturally tovirtually every body, and it's 94% recyclable. Aeron boasts imaginative design, fastforwardergonomics and a look so distinctive that it's probably the only office chairthat people can identify by name. Adaptable to all sizes and shapes and all themotions you go through every day while seated, Aeron provides healthy comfort andbalanced body support with its innovative suspension and easy-to-use adjustmentcontrols. Work chair, side chair, and stool support all kinds of office work.

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