GreenTag has Been Recognised by the Vietnam Green Building Council

GreenTag has Been Recognised by the Vietnam Green Building Council

Date: 05.07.2011

Ecospecifier is pleased to announce that the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) recognised GreenTagTM as an ecolabelling scheme which satisfies their requirements for Product Selection Criteria for green buildings in their Green Building Products Database.

VGBC also promotes the use of the ecospecifier Eco Priority Guides as a valuable source of key sustainability information.

'We will also take into consideration if a product received a certification or endorsement under an Ecolabelling scheme that is appropriate and thorough. For example timber products certified under the FSC scheme or a product given Singapore's Green Label or Ecospecifier's Green Tag will be included.' (website extract)

New opportunities are arising for us everyday since the launch of our advanced third party certification system.

GreenTag, Australia's first LCA based green building product certification and rating system and our GreenTag GreenRate has Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) accreditation as a Third Party Certifier, is an ISO 14024 compliant Type 1 Eco label and is certified to ISO 9001 for its overall Quality Management System.

GreenTag™ is underpinned by rigorous scientific and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) testing processes. Its advanced and robust LCA certification methodology, which has been developed exclusively by ecospecifier, is also a world first.

GreenTag™ has become the new benchmark for green products. GreenTag now makes it far easier for purchasers and specifiers to see how eco-products compare.

GreenTag™ operates on four tiers - platinum, gold, silver or bronze - to rate and position a product at the top end of the green building market for materials and methods. Products are assessed on the following impacts:

  • building design synergy
  • greenhouse emission point
  • human health & eco-toxicity
  • life cycle impact
  • biodiversity
  • corporate social responsibility

To view the VGBC article, please click here.

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