Green walls- more than just painted green

Date: 29.10.2014

As the call for action increases to address man-made climate change, one might think 'what can I do'?  There are at least four walls to each house, it may not immediately come to mind, but these walls can be perfect support for living 'green walls'. Green walls are landscaped surfaces partially or completely covered with a variety of vegetation that typically include plants, growing media and a water/fertiliser delivery system. Research has shown that green walls can reduce energy requirements (both heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer); improve air quality (whether inside or out) and increase property and amenity values. These are a few of the benefits of green walls; for an extensive overview of the benefits of indoor plants, click here.

Although traditionally Australia has trailed behind other countries (e.g. Canada, Germany and the U.S.A.) we have vast potential and now some of the world's largest examples of commercial green walls and an explosion of home-based green wall installations.

Due to the unique demands place upon the vegetation used in green walls, low growing succulents and drought tolerant perennials are often used; this includes many Australian plants.  It may seem intimidating when considering a fundamentally different style of wall than you have had previously, however a good start is with's rich and extensive database of sustainable, 'green' products; this includes green wall components, installers and much more.

Elmich - Green Roofs & Wall systems is a perfect example of what Ecospecifier has to offer. This product is an effective green roofing and wall system that has been proven to have multiple benefits such as reduced water run-off, reduce demand on cooling and improved air quality.

Whilst there are disadvantages of green walls (primarily the expense and level of maintenance required); green products are the way of the future. They may seem intimidating and mysterious at first, but with Ecospecifier even the greyest areas of understanding can be explained. Green products are the way of the future and what better way to become green than with green walls!

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