GHD Adds Value to Mining Projects with BIM

GHD Adds Value to Mining Projects with BIM

Date: 10.01.2012

GHD has a strong team of people located in Newcastle, Singleton and Gunnedah who support existing mining operations, mine expansions and establishment of new greenfield mines.

On many projects, GHD's local team is making extensive use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), a leading engineering modeling technique, to deliver exceptional outcomes for clients. BIM is unique as it allows all facets of mine site engineering to be brought together into one dynamic three-dimensional model. The model can highlight issues associated with the site's geometry and geographic information as well as the spatial relationships, quantities and properties of infrastructure components before a bull dozer even scrapes the surface.

Dan Sutcliffe, GHD's Energy and Resources Manager said "All involved can view and interact with the proposed facility's life cycle, including the processes of construction and facility operation, well before construction begins. This builds stronger ownership across the project team and adds significant rigor to the overall design".

"Traditionally, project teams have had to overcome the challenges associated with integrating the components of t he design as they arise during construction or operation. As BIM generates one three-dimensional model, it can greatly reduce the time and cost involved in site exploration, design and planning," he added.

Robin Ackhurst, one of GHD's project managers  who brings 20 years' experience to such projects said, "In real terms, BIM allows us to extract design quantities, understand the shared properties of the development including any 'clashes' and identify additional scopes of work prior to construction - potentially avoiding expensive re-work."

Thinking further ahead, BIM can simulate a facility's operations to identify its future asset management needs and upgrades, without starting from scratch. This means that the model can remain active and contribute to the success of a project over its entire life.


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