Dunlop AcoustiCushion

Dunlop AcoustiCushion

Date: 12.07.2012

Thicker, Softer, Quieter

When it comes to multi-level living, the last thing people want is to hear noise from the floor above them. Whether it's a townhouse, apartment, or two-storey home, the sound of footsteps, moving furniture, or falling items can be annoying to say the least. You can literally lose sleep over it. So as more and more people choose to live on top of each other, the issue of sound insulation has never been more important.

To solve this problem, the innovators at Dunlop Flooring have developed Dunlop AcoustiCushion which provides outstanding sound insulation with the added benefits of making carpet more comfortable and helping maintain its appearance.

Partnering carpet with AcoustiCushion is an excellent way to control unwanted noise in the home. In fact AcoustiCushion actually reduces noise impact through floors and ceilings by up to 68%, which easily surpasses the industry standard set by the Building Code of Australia. Dunlop AcoustiCushion (with carpet) records a level of 22db


So for peace, quiet, and comfort, Dunlop AcoustiCushion is the ultimate sound system.

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