Debunked: 3 Myths about Solar Heating

Debunked: 3 Myths about Solar Heating

Date: 29.07.2016



MYTH: Solar is easy to incorporate and provides energy at no cost, and it is cost effective to install if you have the capital

Answer: Solar energy is great to have to reduce your carbon foot print and operating costs, however, the purchase and installation cost are considerable and usually take some years to recoup.

The method of controlling the solar energy is important to ensure that the solar energy is available efficiently. High efficiency with the energy switched through to maximise economies is usually not part of a standard solar energy proposal except for large complex control systems which can be very expensive. The heating energy load can be considerably higher than the solar provision.  It is common for a basic small solar system to be installed with the perception that it will meet most demands efficiently.  It is important to research carefully what the system will provide and match this to the need.  Meeting the need also needs the awareness that solar energy often may not be available when it is really needed, such as when there is a week or two for cloudy or wet weather in the middle of winter.  Storage facilities, such as batteries, rarely can cover for such occurrences. Heating systems commonly demand energy in the evenings when solar energy is not available.

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