Coolum Collection

Coolum Collection

Date: 16.05.2014

Coolum Collection

Coolum is a beautiful iconic beach situated on Australia's 'Sunshine Coast' just north of Brisbane. Located in an area of breathtaking coastal forests, beaches and natural beauty. Coolum was designed and inspired by the patterns water makes when it laps up on the beach forming undulating textural ripples in the sand, patterns also found reflected in fish scales, sea shells and the shapes of the mountains surrounding the beach. Designed exclusively for Hemptech by KT Doyle, who lives in Brisbane and who can sometimes be seen wandering along Coolum Beach in the soft transparent early morning light.

Composition: 100% Linen - Widths: 150cm - Uses: Drapery: - 5 Colourways
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Coolum 1.jpg Coolum 2.jpg Coolum 3.jpg

Coolum Awash                  Coolum Ripple                Coolum Sandcastle

Coolum 4.jpg Coolum 5.jpg

Coolum Seaweed               Coolum Straw

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