BE BOLD. BE HEARD. Sustainability Strategy MasterClass

BE BOLD. BE HEARD. Sustainability Strategy MasterClass

Date: 27.03.2018

The MasterClass is with Sustainability and Communications Expert Anne-Maree McInerney who says:

“Good relationships are essential to business success - and the key to good relationships and to achieving your goals is good communication - yet how society communicates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has been problematic for decades.” 

“Fortunately however, thanks to a set of proven Sustainability Communication Principles many have started to move from theory to action with outstanding success.”

This MasterClass will help participants achieve their sustainability goals. They will learn from global leaders and peers to discover the tools to be both bold and heard.  

Participants will discover the 9 global principles to communicate sustainability that Anne-Maree helped co-develop for the EU Commission, UNFCCC, OECD, Rio 20+ and the World Economic Forum.

Sustainability, says Anne-Maree, is the biggest opportunity since the beginning of money - yet we’ve failed to get engagement and get uptake in society.  All that however can change if we know HOW to communicate sustainability. 

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