Armstrong Flooring Australia Adds to Environmental Credentials

Date: 26.06.2012

Australian Made vinyl floor and wall products for the built environment now achieve 'Best Practice PVC' certification and Global GreenTagCertTM GreenRate 'Level A'.

Flooring and Walling for Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Green Star® Projects

In what is a first for Australian manufactured PVC flooring products Armstrong has achieved twin third party certification to GBCA 'Best Practice PVC' for the built environment and Global GreenTagCertTM GreenRate (Level 'A').

Certification of Accolade Plus, Accolade Safe Plus, Eco-Accolade, Infinity and Wallflex, enables Architects, Interior Designers, Specifiers and End users to confidently select these Armstrong 'Best Practice PVC' products, with the knowledge that they can contribute towards achieving maximum points in GBCA Green Star® rating tools. Points are available in the following credits and material calculators of the Healthcare v1 and Education v1 tools.

  • PVC Credit,
  • Materials calculators
  • Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

Michael Jenkins, VP Southern Asia said 'we now believe we lead the world in PVC flooring in a number of sustainable areas. Our list of achievements is growing rapidly. This recognition goes to give our current and potential customers the confidence that they are dealing with world leading, responsible, sustainable manufacturers who are local. We are avid supporters of an ever 'smaller footprint.''

Accolade Plus, Accolade Safe Plus, Infinity and Wallflex certified products featured though out the award winning interior designs of the new Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

About the their party certifications
GBCA Green Star®
PVC Credit provides independent verification of complPVC.jpgiance with the Best Practice Guidelines.  It's intended to provide the market with tools by which to demand, and be assured of receiving, PVC products that have been manufactured, sold, tracked and will be potentially reclaimed according to best practice environmental and health impact minimisation criteria".

Global GreenTagCertTM is a third party, green building proGGT_Level A.jpgduct rating and certification system, underpinned by rigorous scientific and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) processes. Its advanced, robust LCA certification methodology developed exclusively by ecospecifierTM, is a world first.


Products are not reviewed or certified under the Green Star® rating system. Green Star® credit requirements cover the materials in aggregate, not the performance of individual products or brands. For more information on Green Star®, visit

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