Antarctic Youth Ambassador expresses gratitude

Antarctic Youth Ambassador expresses gratitude

Date: 18.03.2013

Morgan Pettersson, a 23 year old from Western Australia and one of thirty young people chosen from around the world became an Antarctic Youth Ambassador and traveled on an expedition to Antarctica in February 2013 with polar explorer Robert Swan.

Ecospecifier Global provided support for Morgan's expedition.

She has reported back to us:

Words can not express my gratitude for your support in helping me to reach Antarctica.

I apologise for the lack of updates during the expedition as there was limited internet on the ship whilst we were there.

I also made a personal decision after sailing down to the Antarctic that I wanted to try and soak up the experience as much as possible and chose to stand on deck and watch Antarctica and the wildlife rather than sit in my cabin trying to connect to the internet.

Your support helped me to reach my dream of becoming an expedition member and I wanted to take every opportunity to have the best experience possible that you helped me to have.

The experience of being in Antarctica changed me and what I saw was the most untouched and rare place on earth, with blinding whiteness interspersed with bright blue ice bergs and black and white penguins.

We saw whales, orcas, seals and sea lions as well as Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins (and also found out that penguins smell really bad).

We were blessed with some of the best weather both with our crossing of the Drake Passage and whilst in Antarctica.

Not one day did we have bad weather and the temperature normally hovered around zero degrees.

On the way home across the Drake Passage we experienced the myth of the 'drake lake', where the normally fearful and 10 metre high waves were replaced with a still lake of an ocean.

One of the crew who has crossed the drake over 30 times said he had never seen it like this before, and it was calm in fact that we were able to play board games and socialise in the lounge instead of being confined to our cabins due to sea sickness.

I learnt so much from this expedition not only about Antarctica but about the environment and how we can help work towards protecting it and it was so great to be able to meet the thirty other young people from all around the world who are working on some really great projects.

I wrote blog posts and recorded a video diary that I am still posting onto my blog, so there will be updates where you can read about the experience of being in Antarctica through my own eyes over the next two weeks.

I am also posting photographs and anecdotes from the expedition on my facebook page.

Thank you so much once again for your support,

Morgan Pettersson

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