AIS releases new residential low salt chlorine generator

AIS releases new residential low salt chlorine generator

Date: 25.01.2013

Australian first: Chlorine generator able to operate in salt or mineral water swimming pools with TDS of only 2500ppm

Leading Australian manufacturing company, Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) has just added a new product to its already highly successful 'Autochlor' range. The Autochlor SMC is a chlorine generator for residential swimming pools, capable of operating in Sodium Chloride (salt water) or Magnesium Chloride (mineral water) pools at a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level of only 2500 parts per million (ppm) - or almost half the level required by any other residential chlorine generator available on the Australian market.

The new model turns the tables on 'standard' residential chlorine generators by producing the same levels of chlorine, at greater efficiency, in low-level salt or low-level mineral water.

AIS Director, Elena Gosse said that she believed her company now offered the most efficient, cost effective and smallest footprint residential chlorine generator available on the Australian market with the technology producing a range of benefits for the end-user.

"Being able to generate chlorine in such low-level salinity water is one of the biggest revolutions in residential salt or mineral water chlorine generation, Elena said.

"Although it can operate in a TDS environment from 2000 to 5000ppm, when operating at the recommended 2500ppm levels, the lower salinity of the water delivers a range of benefits to the pool owner as well as to the environment.

"Softer, clearer water with little or no taste; the requirement for less salt and chemicals for ongoing operation; less corrosion and wear to equipment, lower power consumption and the ability to reuse backwater - which is able to be recycled as grey water for use in toilets and laundries or diluted for watering garden and lawns - are just some of the benefits.

Elena said that although only recently released, well over 100 Autochlor residential systems were already operating in Australia.

One user is Earl Mathieson who has been trialling an Autochlor SMC in his family's 44,000 litre swimming pool.

"The new AIS system has been installed for a period six months and I am extremely happy with it.

"We have not added salt to the pool in that entire period.  The water has remained crystal clear, feels really soft and is great to swim in.

"Our friends and family regularly comment on how pleasant the water is and we don't end up with stinging, red eyes or feel like we've been swimming in the ocean after a day in the pool."

Autochlor SMC Fast Facts.

  • The Autochlor SMC is suitable for use in Magnesium Chloride (mineral) or Sodium Chloride (salt ) swimming pools and comes with reverse polarity and a seven day time/clock memory backup feature as standard.
  • It can operate in water with TDS from 2000 to 5000 ppm (optimum 2500 ppm).
  • Recommended Retail Price from $1,653.75 incl GST + installation.
  • A three year guarantee is included.
  • For more information or orders contact AIS on 07 3396 5222 or visit


  • Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd is a manufacturing company specialising in disinfection of water via electrolysis.
  • The multi-award winning company celebrated 20 years in the water disinfection industry last year (2012) and employs more than 50 staff throughout its three manufacturing facilities in Brisbane.
  • It conducts business in Australia and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.
  • AIS's people and technologies have received numerous accolades. Visit:
  • For more information about AIS visit



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