Airius Air Pear® and PHI™ Cell – Worlds Best Air Purification

Airius Air Pear® and PHI™ Cell – Worlds Best Air Purification

Date: 30.05.2014

Airius Air Pear® and PHI Cell - Worlds Best Air Purification

Sick Building Syndrome, viruses, odours, bacteria, mould, VOC's, smoke…….GONE!

The Airius 'Pure Air' with PHI Technology  will remove 99.99% of airborne and surface virus and bacteria, 97% of air borne mould , > 90% of odours such as urine or sewerage, >80% VOC's and 70% of smoke. Say goodbye to 'Sick Building Syndrome', to infections and illness, absenteeism at school or work, to smells and odours.

Lasting 25,000 hours with no maintenance, no filters to maintain or replace  and with over 1 million PHI units sold worldwide the Airius Air Pear with PHI  will clean and purify air in hospitals, schools, aged care and child care facilities, food processing plants, cold storage, hotels,  homes, toilets, car workshops, manufacturing and sewerage plants, dairies. The list of applications is endless. Wherever you want to freshen and clean your air then the Airius Air Pear with PHI is a must.

Additionally the Airius Air Pear will save you air conditioning energy and/or provide comfort cooling in summer and optimised heating in winter working to circulate air and destratify the space.

Using a patented American process the PHI cell creates ionised hydrogen peroxide molecules. It is proactive, actively seeking  out and destroying pollutants at the source, in the air and on surfaces,  turning them into hydrogen and oxygen, leaving your facility or home smelling fresh and clean.

The Air Pear Thermal Equalizer® distributes these hydrogen peroxide molecules around the space ensuring the entire zone is treated by the system.

Much more advanced than a UVC light or filtration system the no maintenance, no filter, plug and play Airius Air Pear with PHI is used in over 40 hospitals in the Americas, and has been proven in over 15 years of use.

If you want to clean up your space and ensure the health and productivity of inhabitants is optimised as well as saving energy and improving comfort please contact Airius today to find out more about this unique world's best air purification, air circulation and destratification system.




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